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Taste Test: Muir Glen's 2012 Reserve Tomatoes

Recently, Muir Glen introduced a series of "2012 Reserve" canned tomatoes, produced in limited quantities (apparently they are grown on only 13 acres), and available at Whole Foods. In their words, the Reserve series "represent the pinnacle of the tomato season each year." They're available in both regular and "fire-roasted" form. Are they worth seeking out? More

What Is a DOP Tomato?

Just what are DOP tomatoes? Good question. The simple answer? DOP stands for the Italian phrase Denominazione d' Origine Protetta (roughly, "protected designation of origin"). The long answer, inside. More

A Preliminary Canned-Tomato Taste-Test

In the interest of finding a great-tasting canned tomato for pizza-making, a small group of pizza and tomato enthusiasts taste-tested 16 different canned tomatoes. Though this tasting is not as scientifically rigorous as it might be, there were some interesting observations. High price is not predicative of good flavor. Second, the "DOP" tomatoes we tasted did not score very high at all. And the top two spots weren't even San Marzano tomatoes from Italy; instead, they were grown in California's Central Valley. More

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