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What Are You Stocking the Pantry with Before Hurricane Irene?

While shopping for flashlights this morning (six stores, no luck) and shelf-stable groceries, it sure felt like everyone around me was in an Irene frenzy. With the hurricane predicted to rip through the Eastern seaboard this weekend, with many parts of the East Coast on alert, people were filling up shopping carts with jugs of water, batteries, peanut butter, and canned beans. The guy behind me in line had 12 boxes of butternut squash soup. Are you stockpiling for Irene? Here are 10 food suggestions for your emergency-ready pantry. More

Video: Whole Chicken in a Can

What meal can a housewife whip up for her husband in no time? Chicken in a can! Open! Dump! Delicious! ...Not really! Watch the video after the jump. (Warning: Not safe for those easily skeeved out by a pink chicken lump slathered in colorless goo.)... More

Review of Canned Bacon Says It's 'Stomach-Revoltingly Awful'

mredepot.com Why does canned bacon exist? So The Onion's A.V. Club can taste it and tell you how terrible it is. In their review of Yoder's Canned Bacon, available at MREdepot.com ($109.95 for 12 cans), watch them unleash the nine ounces of beastly, greasy, slime pork-based horror out of the can. It tastes about as good as it looks: Yes, it tastes kind of like bacon, the same way Purina Beggin' Strips might taste kind of like bacon. (Not that we'd know… really!) The essence of bacon was there, thanks to a healthy injection of "smoke flavor," but the texture was completely off—stringy and mealy and not at all meat-like. In a taste test against Oscar Meyer Ready To... More

Should Mercury-Filled Canned Tuna Be Legal?

From Gitwithit on Flickr Low in fat, high in protein, and filled with omega-3 fatty acids (which protects against heart disease and stimulates brain activity), canned tuna is a wonder food on paper. Until it starts making your hair fall out. As Mother Jones reports, Deborah Landvik-Fellner ate canned albacore tuna daily for 12 years until her hair started falling out and her speech started slurring. When she got her blood tested, frightening results came back: it had 48 parts per billion of mercury, nearly ten times the Environmental Protection Agency's notion of "safe." Shouldn't tuna be labeled if it's so dangerous? The Tuna Foundation sure hopes not. They know mercury scares will cause sales to plummet. In 2005,... More

Gallery of Curious Canned Foods

Wired has put together a gallery for The Most Curious Canned Goods Found Online including balut, surströmming and huitlacoche. Although it may not be as exotic, I would add liquid cereal to the mix.... More

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