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Sugar Rush: Mini-Canelés at Lafayette

New York Niko Triantafillou 1 comment

Lafayette's mini-canelés have a beautiful shiny, dark brown exterior. On your first bite, you experience all the unique qualities that make canelés special. More

Sweet Technique: How to make Canelés (Cannelés) de Bordeaux

Sweets Lauren Weisenthal 9 comments

It's been three weeks since I began working on Canelé for my column, and this is what they've reduced me to: crazed, unable to pull myself away, and struggling to put down words that might help you, gentle reader, avoid the madness to which this pastry has driven me. Learn from my dozens of attempts and come see how to makes canelé for yourself. More

Canelés (Cannelés) de Bordeaux

Serious Eats Lauren Weisenthal 5 comments

A glassy, caramelized exterior contrasted with an impossibly custardy center. More

Sugar Rush: Les Canelés de Céline at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market

New York Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

From now until December 24th, head to the Columbus Circle Holiday Market for a dose of canelés and financiers from Les Canelés de Céline. More

Canelés, Another Dessert Inspired by Nuns

Serious Eats Erin Zimmer 11 comments

When nuns aren't praying they seem to spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen engaging in butter-related endeavors. In fact, over the years many of them, like the cloister nuns across Andalusia, have baked to sustain themselves financially.... More

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