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Happy Foods-on-a-Stick Day!

The Serious Eats Team 11 comments

Today is a special day for stick-food lovers. Thanks to SE:Talk, we learned that it's Something on a Stick Day. What qualifies as a stick-food? Corn dogs, yakitori, kebabs, pie pops, fondue, and really anything else that's stabbable with a stick. More

QVC's Isaac Mizrahi-Designed Junior's Cheesecakes in Madras Print

Brad Thomas Parsons 3 comments

What do you get when you mix up QVC, Isaac Mizrahi, and Junior's famous cheesecake? Isaac Mizrahi Madras Cheesecake. The Brooklyn-born designer teamed up with his hometown borough's legendary Junior's for this couture confection in a chocolate-graham-cracker crust. More

Sink Your Teeth Into These Candy Apples ...

Adam Kuban 3 comments

And you may never get them out. Miss Debbie's Specialty Apples sells M&M-studded specimens, a Reeses Peanut Butter apple, and probably the craziest, a Chunky Monkey Super Extreme (caramel rolled in banana chips, dipped in milk chocolate, sprinkled with English walnuts, drizzled in white chocolate, and topped with maraschino cherries). [via Karen]... More

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