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The Cider Press Taste Test: Canned Ciders

Unpretentious and refreshing, canned ciders should be drunk ice cold, preferably with a group of friends, during the hot summer months. As the thermostat hit 90º this past weekend in NYC, we scoured the shelves and came back with four canned ciders to test out for your next camping or boating trip. More

Campfire Chili in a Dutch Oven

You can use any kind of relatively fatty meat with plenty of connective tissue in it such as beef short rib or chuck, pork shoulder, or lamb shoulder. The sausage can be any raw sausage you like the flavor of, or can be replaced with more stew meat. Stick with medium to small beans like kidney, cannellini, garbanzo, or navy. Store-bought chili powder can be used, but for best flavor, grind your own chili powder (or make a chili puree by cooking toasted chilis in water or chicken stock and blending). More

Campfire Cooking: How To Make Chili In A Dutch Oven

Like its name implies, a good quality Dutch oven is far more than just a three-legged cast iron pot with a lid—indeed, it's one of the most versatile cooking tools around. You can use it to bake bread or griddle eggs and bacon, but its true purpose is for slow-cooking. With its heavy lid, thick walls, and ability to be heated from both above and below, it's custom-designed for braising projects like chunky chili and slow-cooked beans. More

25 Great Recipes for Camping

Got camping plans for the three-day weekend? (Or any weekend, for that matter.) Stock up that cooler with a few staples like granola, pizza dough, and make-ahead desserts and your camping menu just got way more delicious. Just don't blame us if you attract the bears. More

Coffee Traditions: Cowboy Coffee

Feeling the simultaneous need for the outdoors and a steaming mug of coffee? The two don't have to be mutually exclusive: Just ask a cowboy. (How'd ya think they stayed awake all night watchin' for coyotes, anyway?) More

Smorpak: S'mores on a Stick

"Everything but the campfire," is Smorstix' tagline. "Smorpak brings all the ingredients for making s’mores together in one convenient package. A bag of marshmallows, a box of Keebler graham crackers, milk chocolate, and four of our famous Smorstix Marshmallow Roasting Stix are all here and ready to use." $21 per Smorpak, from moose-r-us.com [Tip o' the hat to Byron Bikehugger]... More

In Gear: An Outdoor Dining Indulgence: Portable Blenders

For most of us, Memorial Day weekend marks the launch of the outdoor dining season, marshalling in a summer of picnics, barbecues, and pool and beach parties. As I find the standard gear marketed specifically for such occasions (folding picnic tables, special baskets and packs for tableware and flatware, enormous tong/spatula/fork sets, etc.) to be flimsy, fussy and/or cumbersome, I turn to camping suppliers when I’m looking for tools to get my outdoor eat on. There I tend to find equipment that is robust enough to withstand the elements and a good bit of jostling, lightweight and compact enough to be easily transported on foot, and just plain sensible for outdoor/remote usage. Now, I appreciate the simplicity necessitated by al... More

In Gear: Ice Cream Ball

So the New Year may have inspired us to scale back on the bacon and amp up the spirulina dosage, but this time around, thanks to the marvels of plastic and thermodynamics, there’s less need to adjust our ice cream... More

Tips For The Culinary Camper

ClanVidHorse on Ask Metafilter: "Every time I go camping I end up eating lots of convenience food (instant noodles and the like) that I never would normally consider eating at home but with Spring coming around again I am determined that this year I eat as well as possible whilst enjoying the outdoors. I want recipes that use minimal amounts of fresh ingredients whilst still being tasty and enjoyable to eat." Lots of great tips and easy recipes you can use even if you're at home being lazy!... More

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