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First Look: Mathieu Palombino on the Return of Motorino Williamsburg

Slice Nick Solares 7 comments

Mathieu Palombino is poised to open Motorino Williamsburg in the next week, marking a return to the borough after the building housing his original location was condemned. He's happy to be back, and his menu features a few surprises, both old and new. Check out the slideshow to take a look. More

Bronx Eats: Fried Calzones from Louie and Ernie's, Schyulerville

New York Chris E. Crowley 2 comments

Though pizza is the star at Louie and Ernie's, the calzones are also a cut above. More

Home Slice: OH at My Kitchen Table ... 'What's Burning?'

Slice Adam Kuban 23 comments

20110628-calzone-fail-above.jpg You know, when I sat and watched Luis Aguilar of Pizzetteria Brunetti make me an amazing calzone last month, I noted how he cut a couple slits in the top. So why in the hell did I ignore my better judgment and not do the same last night? Heck, I even notched the edges of my calzone with the tines of a fork, just as I saw Mr. Aguilar do.

Garrrrgh! I had one extra dough portion left over from Pizza Night, and I was so looking forward to having a homemade calzone for lunch tomorrow. Instead, I got this:


Greenwich Village: The Vesuvio and the Calzone at Keste

Slice Adam Kuban 14 comments

To that end, I'd been wanting to try a couple different things here: a weekly special called The Vesuvio (buffalo mozzarella, stracciatella, prosciutto di Parma, cherry tomatoes, and basil) and the "Ripieno," a calzone stuffed with ricotta, fresh mozzarella, salame, and just a smidge of tomato sauce. More

Daily Slice: Calzone at Donatella

Slice J. Kenji López-Alt 15 comments

At Donatetlla, the dough is really flavorful, the underbelly nicely charred, and crumb stretchy and soft. I'd argue that it's the best part of their pizzas, which is probably why I enjoyed their calzone ($19) so much. More

Nick's Pizza, Forest Hills, Queens

Slice Adam Kuban 17 comments

"Nick's calzone is the best I've had in the city. It passes the ultimate test: its best version is the 'plain,' or ricotta- and mozzarella-only version, with marinara on the side. The crispychewy shell, smell, flavor, and mouthfeel evoke the fabled mozzarella-in-carozza-envy scene in De Sica's Bicycle Thief. Another big plus is the shape — it's pressed virtually flat, in the classic, homey Neapolitan style. Cannot say enough good things about this dish." More

Poll: Do You Like Calzones?

Slice Adam Kuban 15 comments

Pizza-Town USA Addendum: Newspaper Review from 1958

Slice Adam Kuban 15 comments

Two Fridays ago I reviewed Pizza-Town USA in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. I was just digging through some notes from that when I found Pizza-Town's take-out menu, on the back of which is reprinted the pizzeria's first-ever review, a rundown from the July 25, 1958 edition of the now-defunct Paterson Morning Call. After the jump, that review in full, plus some video from Pizza Town. More

Elmwood Park, New Jersey: Pizza-Town USA, 'America's Favorite Town'

Slice Adam Kuban 28 comments

Geographically speaking, Pizza-Town USA is located in the State of New Jersey, in Elmwood Park, on the side of US Highway 46, between the Garden State Parkway and the Passaic River. Psychically speaking, it is located in the State of Nostalgia. More

Dessert Calzone: Gnocco, East Village

Slice Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

Does Nutella-filled calzone, baked in a pizza oven until molten, topped with a dollop of unsweetened ricotta, count as dessert pizza? More

Healthy & Delicious: DIY Hot Pockets

Serious Eats Kristen Swensson Sturt 25 comments

I have a confession to make: I have never eaten a Hot Pocket in my life. Not even in college. Not even at 3 a.m. after a night of Newcastles. Not even after watching Jim Gaffigan's Hot Pocket routine for the 347 millionth time. But then I saw this recipe. More

'Always Hungry' on the Calzone at Nick's in Forest Hills

Slice Adam Kuban 3 comments

[Photograph: Always Hungry] Always Hungry is raving about the calzone at Nick's Pizza in Forest Hills, Queens, and it looks pretty good to me: Small or large, the calzone is unlike any other in New York. Choose a filling from the list of pizza toppings. They range from the conventional—sausage and pepperoni—to sun-dried tomatoes, and prosciutto. Outside, its flat crust more resembles grilled cheese than a calzone. Inside, it's totally filled with a soupy, flavorful, nonpareil ricotta accented with melted mozzarella. And the sauce! Sweet and seed-speckled—slightly chunky. Served steaming in a tea cup on a saucer. It's soup-worthy,... More

Dessert Calzone at Toby's Public House

Slice Adam Kuban 7 comments

Photograph by Raphael In my Toby's dispatch earlier today, I didn't really go too in-depth with this thing, A.) because it's not pizza pizza, and B.) because it's dessert, but Toby's Public House has an interesting dessert calzone whose innards include ricotta and nutella. You'd think it'd be a bit weird, but it really does work. More on this at Serious Eats New York »... More

Dear Slice: Peep My Calzone

Slice Adam Kuban Post a comment

The Slice mailbag is bursting at the seams lately. Reaching in today, we've got longtime reader Don Luis, whose geographic location leaves him isolated from pizza and calzones. --The Mgmt. It's been a while, but I've been working on my pizza and calzone, fine tuning the recipe. Pizza is not widely available in Puerto Rico, so my only real choice is to make my own. What do you think? http://cocinaluis.blogspot.com/2008/05/calzones.html Your post on Smitten Kitchen's pizza tips prompted this, and while I agree that you can do all of those things, I don't know why you would. A pizza stone,... More

Roberta's: The DIY Pizzeria

New York Ed Levine 12 comments

The pizza is already very good and may or may not be on the way to great. But I don't think it really matters if it gets there, because the place itself is already filled with positive energy and good feelings, as well as plenty of really good food made with carefully chosen ingredients. More

Peppino's Hybrid Calzone-Pizza, Bay Ridge

Slice Adam Kuban 4 comments

After reading about the calzone-pizza hybrid at Peppino's in Bay Ridge, I had to get my greasy little hands on one. So I found myself on the R train this weekend, heading for the 77th Street Station. Walking in, I sheepishly asked for the thing. "I read about it in the Daily News; do I really need a password for it." "No, that's just a joke," the waitress said. "Is it just for you?"... More

Password-Protected Pizza Hybrid Available at Peppino's in Bay Ridge

Slice Adam Kuban 5 comments

A crazy item in the New York Daily News yesterday that I meant to link to, so you get it today. Apparently Peppino's in Bay Ridge is making a crazy hybrid calzone-pizza that you need a password to order: The Third Avenue pizzeria has been serving a pizza-calzone hybrid for the last few months, a flat three-slice pie that rises on one half like a stuffed calzone, with sausage and ricotta."People [were] confused," said owner Joe Mancino. "They didn't know what they wanted. They want pizza? They want calzone? They don't know. This is the best of both worlds." To... More

House of Pizza & Calzones

Slice seltzerboy 4 comments

Not Fade Away TWILIGHT The House of Pizza and Calzone, where calzones get equal billing on the awning, will change hands at the end of the month.WORDS BY SELTZERBOYPHOTOGRAPHS BY Adam K."Everything has to end eventually," Enofrio Gaudioso was telling us the other day, in between folding calzones and sharing yarns about pizza past. "It's time." For Mr. Gaudioso, that time arrives in less than two weeks, when he turns off the oven at his Red Hook pizzeria, the House of Pizza and Calzone, for the final time, passing the pizza peel to a new owner. It will be the... More

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