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How to Make Eastern Standard's Equinox at Home

Drinks Lizz Schumer Post a comment

The base spirit in this cocktail is Calvados, distilled from apples in France. Eastern Standard's Kevin Martin cooks up a special spiced syrup to play up those characteristic fruits in the sweet and spicy way we know best as apple pie, but he didn't leave it at that. More


Serious Eats Lizz Schumer 2 comments

The Eastern Standard's Equinox has become a favorite at the Boston bar—it offers an autumnal twist on the classic sour. More

Telegraph's Brownsville Girl

Serious Eats Roger Kamholz Post a comment

This bright and fruity cocktail is pitch perfect for the season. Tart apple from the calvados and the vegetal bite of celery bitters make a great team. More

Sepia's Autumn Sweater

Serious Eats Roger Kamholz Post a comment

This refined rum cocktail from Chicago's Sepia hides a festive tiki core. A burnt-sugar backbone from the aged Guatemalan rum is deepened with the sweet, nutty, baking-spice notes of falernum, a syrup typically made from almond, ginger, clove and lime that's a staple of many a Caribbean bar. Calvados, the French apple brandy, lends a telltale flavor of the season. More


Serious Eats Christine Chung Post a comment

In this autumnal cocktail from Brian Block of Aldea in NYC, calvados pairs wonderfully with chai-infused sweet vermouth and apple cider foam. More

Widow's Kiss

Serious Eats Paul Clarke 1 comment

The Widow's Kiss is a powerfully flavored mixture of the distinctive French apple brandy, Calvados, plus ample measures of yellow Chartreuse and Benedictine —French herbal liqueurs with a long monastic heritage. Tinged with Angostura, the Widow's Kiss is rich, heady and potent; with a crackling fire in front of you and one of these inside you, February doesn't stand a chance. More

Time for a Drink: Fallen Leaves

Serious Eats Paul Clarke 4 comments

This is a perfect autumn cocktail. With the color of its namesake foliage, the Fallen Leaves has a rich, delicate flavor derived from that most seasonal of spirits, aged apple brandy. It's fine to use Calvados in one of these, but I like to reach for the 8-year-old Eau de Vie de Pomme, from Oregon's Clear Creek Distillery. At a time when the autumn chill is becoming a little more apparent each night, a Fallen Leaves can be a great evening companion. More

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