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Ask a Barista: How Do You Beat Overcaffeination?

Drinks Meister 2 comments

Rough morning and an extra Americano or two left you with shaky hands? Some been-there-done-that pro baristas offer tips for staving off (or recovering from) overcaffeination. More

How Coffee Gets Decaffeinated: Water Process

Drinks Meister 12 comments

Feeling a bit jittery about how coffee is decaffeinated? Never fear: today we'll explain how some beans get stripped of their buzz using the water process, and how you can avoid those sleepless nights after your afternoon latte. More

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Mixing Caffeine and Alcohol Isn't Always a Bad Idea

Drinks Paul Clarke 6 comments

What with all the buzz, pardon the pun, about Four Loko and other caffeine-cranked beverages that deliver a whopping payload of alcohol and that, according to Stephen Colbert, "allow you to fall off a bar stool all night long," it's easy to forget that the practice of mixing a boozy bump with a caffeinated zip isn't exactly new. Today, of course, both cocktails and coffee are being enjoyed on a particularly geekish level, and Bruni writes that now coffee and liquor are encountering each other in a glass in ways that no Irish Coffee connoisseur could have anticipated. More

The Joyride Truck's Caffeinated Frozen Yogurt

New York Erin Zimmer Post a comment

Gone are the days of thinking "Gosh, if only I could caffeinate myself and eat frozen yogurt at the same time." Joyride, a fro-yo-slash-Stumptown-coffee truck that launched this summer, sells something called Buzzed, which is just their normal tart,... More

15(ish) Things Worth Knowing About Coffee

Robyn Lee 2 comments

From The Oatmeal comes 15(ish) Things Worth Knowing About Coffee, such as that it's the second most traded commodity on earth and that a caffeine high will transport you to a magical land of rainbows, balloons, and unicorns. Related The 5 Phases of Caffeine Intake Caffeine and Calories Chart How to Make Milk Froth in Your Microwave 'If You Like Coffee'... More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 92: What Happened to Caffeine-Free Diet Coke?

Ed Levine's Serious Diet Ed Levine 12 comments

"Are the Coke folks trying to confuse us as they phase out Caffeine-Free Diet Coke?" [Photograph: dietcoke.com] Though I have for the most part weaned myself off diet sodas, every once in awhile I get a serious hankering for a cold, crisp, ever-so-satisfying 20-ounce bottles of either Fresca or Caffeine-Free Diet Coke. Is it just wishful thinking on my part, or is Fresca making a comeback? On two Delta flights this past weekend the flight attendants came down the aisle offering Fresca as one of the soft drink options. Thank you, Delta! But even though Delta is based in Atlanta, Coke's corporate home (Fresca is also a Coke brand), Caffeine-Free Diet Coke was not being offered. And maybe it's just... More

Caffeine and Calories Chart

Robyn Lee 9 comments

Information Is Beautiful The Buzz vs The Bulge from data visualization blog Information is Beautiful plots the calorie content of beverages against their caffeine content, along with a few common non-caffeinated foods to use for comparison. Related An Illustrated Graph on Tasty Desserts Funny Pie Chart A Pie Chart of Pies... More

The 5 Phases of Caffeine Intake

Robyn Lee 4 comments

After the magic begins, it's all downhill from there. See how the caffeine buzz unfolds at The Oatmeal's 5 Phases of Caffeine Intake. Related 'If You Like Coffee' Caffeine Examiner, Reviews of Caffeine-Filled Products Caffeine: The Good News and the Good News... More

Caffeine Examiner, Reviews of Caffeine-Filled Products

Robyn Lee Post a comment

I'm not a fan of caffeinated foods—coffee and sodas in particular—but after reading the product reviews on Caffeine Examiner I almost want to try some of these sleepy-destroying drinks and candies out of sick curiosity. In particular, I'm drawn to the many offensive qualities of Go Fast Energy Gum: I can not go to enough superlatives to describe the fun horror of these pieces, and would almost recommend to anyone around to purchase some so they can experience this for themselves. It makes your jaws ache, your teeth squeak—and your tongue turn bright yellow. This is like accidentally putting something rotten in your mouth, your brain will try to expel this from your body as fast as possible—but if you... More

Caffeine: The Good News and the Good News

Ed Levine 6 comments

Photograph by Robyn Lee In the New York Times recently, Jane Brody reported on the recent findings of a study by Center for Science in the Public Interest on the potential harm and benefits of caffeine consumption. The good news: Caffeine can enhance your mood and your mental and physical performance. Not exactly big news. But here are some more interesting findings: Drinking caffeinated coffee might decrease your risk for Parkinson's diseaseDrinking 4 to 6 cups of regular or decaf coffee a day might lower your risk of contracting Type 2 diabetesCaffeine does not make you pee moreCaffeine does not increase the risk of heart attackCaffeine does not contribute much to hypertension developmentCaffeine does not cause pancreatic, kidney, liver,... More

Snickers Satisfies Your Caffeine Addiciton

Raphael 8 comments

The new Snickers Charged has peanuts, caramel and 60 milligrams of caffeine, about the same amount of caffeine as a small cup of coffee. [via NYDN]... More

In the News: Caffeine Is Good for You (If You're a Woman)

Adam Kuban 1 comment

Caffeine may bolster women's memories. [cbsnews.com, via Yumsugar] FDA drops ball, allows one million pounds of suspect Chinese seafood go unscreened. [International Herald Tribune] In agriculture, the serious money is in specialty work such as inseminating cows, trimming hooves, sheering sheep. [Boston Globe] Grocery stores installing recipe kiosks. Scan an item, and the machines spit out possible preparations, wine pairings, and more. [BakingBites.com] Amazon now selling fresh food online. Don't click away just yet, though. It's only available to residents of Mercer Island, Washington. [Slashfood]... More

Eight Glasses of Water A Day Is A Myth

Lia Bulaong 4 comments

I've always been somewhat dehydrated, which probably has something to do with my not liking the taste of water and therefore not drinking very much of it. Anyway, it turns out my mom (and probably yours) has been wrong all this timeā€”not only do we not need to drink those eight glasses of water a day, but many people can meet the bare-minimum needs without having anything to drink during the day. Also news to me: people who drink caffeine regularly, like coffee and sodas, become accustomed to it and don't lose fluid; a glass of Coke can provide the same amount of hydrating fluid as the equivalent amount of water! I'm still going to try to drink more... More

Caffeinated Doughnuts

Nathalie Jordi Post a comment

Depending on your perspective, caffeinated doughnuts will either make your day or....explode it. Thanks Alaina!... More

Caffeinariffic New Coffee from Frisco Pseudo-Renegades

Nathalie Jordi Post a comment

San Francisco-based marketing experts Meth Coffee have emerged quaking from their lab with a new extra-caffeinated beverage dusted with yerba mate. This vibrationical catalyst for upstarts, earthquakes, and brain shifts is roasted for you by a master druggist, bionicalbrain chemist, and coffee viscologist within hours of receiving your order to guarantee maximum potency. Just navigating their website is making me jittery. See the I'd-be-outraged-if-this-actually-made-it-on-television video.... More

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