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Harper's Soul Food Cafeteria in Nashville, Tennessee

"The fried okra nubbins are just asking to be snacked on pre-cash register." [Photographs: Erin Zimmer] Harper's 2610 Jefferson Street, Nashville TN 37208 (map); 615-329-1909 Hours: Open 7 days a week. Monday through Friday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Many restaurants in Nashville are closed on Sundays and Mondays, but Harper's—the cafeteria-style soul food restaurant near Tennessee State University—isn't. And that was sure a good thing this week when bundles of people filed in here after the annual Martin Luther King Day march to the university. Instead of the usual Southern tradition of "Meat and Three" (your choice of one meat and three sides—a beautiful thing), Harper's does Meat and Two. But... More

Think Tank Cuisine in D.C.

How does the cafeteria at the Brookings Institute compare to that of Cato? Do they stand a chance against American Enterprise Institute? Washington City Paper reporter Ruth Samuelson boldly goes where many a D.C. policy wonk has dined before, discovering that sometimes "the panel discussions are dry, but the chicken breasts are juicy." When I lived in Washington, AEI’s cafeteria was rumored to be so good, unpaid interns didn't care about the unpaid part because they got carte blanche cafeteria access. Plus they could invite friends. Once invited, you wait for an emailed copy of that day's elaborate menu. Ahi tuna, lemongrass chicken, barbecued salmon with jicama, and grape soda are some examples. How good does slurping grape soda with... More


A girl with a paper cat mask on has lunch at the cafeterias of major Japanese companies (Motorola, Hitachi, Unisys, etc) and posts her photos. She works for ZDNet Japan. The site is completely in Japanese. I am not making any of this up. It's awesome. [via roboppy del.icio.us]... More

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