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What Was Your Favorite School Cafeteria Food?

[Photograph: Life's Ambrosia] School cafeteria fare is right up there in the inedible Pantheon with hospital food and airline meals. But there's a great Chowhound thread where people are chiming in with their fond memories of cafeteria food. It's not all bad. While I endured my share of rubbery hot dogs and greyish, sugary "ribs" in grammar school, my California high school cafeteria had a few hits on its menu—like the red-sauced enchiladas that disappeared, inevitably, fifteen minutes after the lunch bell. I witnessed all-girl stampedes over these enchiladas. Stampedes that resulted in disciplinary assemblies. The grilled cheese was great, too (I once witnessed the head cook pouring an entire ladle of butter over three or four sandwiches on... More

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