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Why Cacao in Portland Needs to Be on Every Chocolate Lover's Bucket List

Sweets Erin Zimmer 7 comments

If there's a better place for chocolate lovers, well, then I haven't been there. Cacao is an emporium of all things chocolate, including shelves of gilded chocolates and artfully wrapped bars, many of which you've probably never seen before, and a menu of drinking chocolates served in little mugs. More

Honest Tea's New CocoaNova Infusions

Drinks Erin Zimmer 6 comments

Sometimes you feel like tea, other times you want to slurp up chocolate milk. Is there room for something in between? Honest Tea's new CocoaNova line includes three flavors: Mint Cacao, Mocha Cacao, and Cherry Cacao. The infusions, which resemble watered-down Yoo-Hoos, are dairy-free, gluten-free, and 50 calories per glass bottle. More

Serious Chocolate: First Three, Now Ten Genetically Different Kinds of Cacao

Sweets Clay Gordon 2 comments

Photograph from Eve18 on Flickr A recent headline in the trade press heralded: "Options for chocolate lovers tripled." Cynically, I thought this was a come-on for the release of a raft of new chocolate products from some mass market... More

Crudo, the Chocolate; Not the Raw Fish

Sweets Clay Gordon 1 comment

Photograph of a longitudinal conche at the Felchlin factory in Schywz, Swtizerland. As an invited guest and featured speaker at the 100th anniversary celebration for major chocolate company Max Felchlin AG in Switzerland last week, I was reminded that... More

Growing Better Cacao: It's All in the Genes

Sweets Clay Gordon 3 comments

Photo composite by Clay Gordon, photographs from stock.xchng So far, one food crop that has proved resistant to genetic engineering is cacao. However, that may change as a result of a new study, funded by Mars, Inc., to completely... More

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