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The Food Lab: How (Not) to Roast a Chicken

Who doesn't love roast chicken? Crackly, crisp, salty skin. Moist tender meat. Deep aromas filling the house. Little bits of fat and meat to tear off with your fingers and teeth as you linger over the the last sips of your whiskey (whiskey goes with chicken, right?). It's about as classy and classic as food can get, and my go-to meal for company. But to be perfectly frank, most of the time, I don't like roast chicken, because most of the time, well, chickens just aren't roasted very well. More

Video: Julie Powell on Butchery and Marriage

When Julie Powell, the Julie part of Julie & Julia, was reaching a rough patch of her marriage, she turned to butchery. What better way to vent all that aggressive marital tension than through hacking animal carcasses, right? Her book Cleaving came out last week and in this video, she talks about all the relationship metaphors—the cutting, the cleaving, the hurting—while butterflying a leg of lamb (compliments of rockstar Brooklyn butcher Tom Mylan of The Meat Hook). "I put [butchery] in the same class, this is going to sound strange, as say, knitting or gardening. There's something rote about it and yet it engages your mind and creativity, and it focuses on you," says Powell. Watch the video, after... More

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