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Sweet Techniques: How to Make Spritz Cookies

For a number of reasons, spritz are a serious contender for the title of my favorite cookie. They suite my taste exactly; crisp, made primarily of butter, perfectly balanced with a nice hit of vanilla and salt. Best of all, they appeal to the geeky, perfectionist baker in me, because learning to make perfect spritz cookies is a marathon, not a sprint, and I'm still only on mile 13. I love a good challenge in the kitchen. More

Spritz Cookies

Spritz cookies are crisp and buttery; they're the perfect example of how a cookie of few ingredients can be one of the best you've ever tasted. I love using the seeds from a real vanilla bean in my spritz dough along with a tiny hint of cardamom to heighten the toffee notes. More

BraveTart: How to Make Your Own Nilla Wafers

Like loose change lurking in couch cushions, half eaten boxes of Nilla Wafers populate our cupboards; buried treasure lost amid the Seven Cs (cookies, crackers, chocolate, cereal, candy, chips, and cola). No Pantry Pirate ever sets out to find Nilla Wafers, instead, Nilla Wafers reveal themselves with the time is right. Just as despair sets in, the weary snacker sets eyes on their golden shores. More

Nilla Knockoffs

My recipe calls for just a bit of honey, not for its taste, but for its browning properties. Honey lends baked goods a deeper golden color, which is really helpful for giving these cookies the hue that their official counterparts gain from dye. More

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