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Video: Behind the Scenes at Lorentz Meats, a Processing Plant in Minnesota

Lorentz Meats in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, is on the small side, but it's growing. The small-is-beautiful types think Lorentz is getting too big, but the company is touted as one of the most efficient, clean, and successful processing plants in Minnesota, and widely used by small farms. I visited the plant last year. Not wanting to delve too deep into the politics of meat processing, my approach was more focused on the actual butchering process. This episode is more of an informative music video. More

Hot Dog of the Week: Rolf's Pork Store in Albany, NY

I first heard of Rolf's—an amazing German deli, butcher, and sausage shop in Albany, New York—while reading up on the history of mini hot dogs in nearby Troy, and made sure to stop by the next time I was in the hood. Just last week dmcavanagh also mentioned that Rolf's makes a fine Ring Bologna which got me thinking—it was about time to start drawing weisswurst and cartoon pigs. More

Video: The Dog and the Butcher

If you like animations and sausage, you'll love this video. It's the classic story of dog and hanging meat products—dog attempts to eat scrappy dog food for about a second before going after nearby sausage ropes. The adorable two-minute animated short, after the jump.... More

Money-Saving Tips from 'Confessions of a Butcher'

Get Rich Slowly reviews Confessions of a Butcher, which sounds like a great book to consult if you want to save money on grocery bills. It's packed with insider info: "In a blue-collar meat and potatoes kind of neighborhood, lamb is not a regular part of the diet, but the local supermarket still has to carry a lamb lineup. In these types of stores, you may find legs of lamb and the like reduced to sell."... More

Noise Complaint Charges Dropped Against Singing Butcher of London

BBC News Charges have been dropped against Brian Clapton, an East London butcher whose early morning singing and meat-chopping prompted complaints from the tenant in the apartment above Clapton's shop. As Clapton tells BBC News: "I'll continue to sing and carry out my business. I can get by in the credit crunch." In response to the news, BBC Radio 6 Music will be playing a block of meat- and butcher-related songs at 6 p.m. London time, which is about an hour from now. So far, listeners have suggested "Start Chopping" by Dinosaur Jr., "Meathook," by the Cure, and "Sing for Your Meat" by Guided by Voices.... More

Whole Foods Butchers Train for 1,920 Hours First

According to the Bellevue Reporter, Whole Foods requires each staff butcher to complete a 1,920-hour training process, which lasts about two years. They start with clean-up duties, then the counter, then cutting duties, which starts with poultry, then pork, and finally beef. Talk about a meat doctorate. [via Girlhacker]... More

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