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A Good but Pricey Burrito at Cafe El Portal

New York Max Falkowitz 12 comments

When I asked you about burritos in New York last week, this was the one I had in mind. Nolita's Cafe El Portal makes a good burrito. Actually it makes one of the better burritos I've had in New York—which is not the same as great—but it comes with a price, $10.50 if you go with the pork filling. Is it ever okay to pay double digits for a burrito? More

Where Can You Get a Good Burrito in New York?

New York The Serious Eats Team 47 comments

New York's never been a hardcore burrito town, but it has no shortage of burrito lovers. So where should they go? More

Indian Burrito with Spinach, Chickpeas, and Tomato

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 1 comment

My wife has demanded politely suggested I create something like this, but I valiantly resisted for four months. Though the beloved oversized Mexican dish (or is it Californian?) shares certain similarities with the kati roll, it's not exactly the same thing. And if I couldn't track down the authentic paratha used in the original, I thought, then it wasn't worth making. Then I got over it. More

Stan's Cafecito is South Williamsburg's Neighborhood Burrito Spot

New York Paul Yee 6 comments

During the dog days of summer, Stan's Cafecito hides behind a bamboo roller shade that provides cover for the few lucky guests who have snagged a stool at the window while they wait for their iced coffee or breakfast burritos. The tiny, table-less space in south Williamsburg houses a sparing kitchen with little more than an electric skillet and griddle; it would be easy to miss all together, if not for the line out the door. More

8 Great Meatless Burritos in the Mission, San Francisco

Alissa Merksamer 9 comments

A tour of the Mission's finest foil-wrapped gutbombs, no carne necessary. More

Lunch Box: Make-Ahead Overstuffed Burrito with Mushrooms, Cheddar and Tomato Rice

Suzanne Lehrer 1 comment

A make-ahead vegetarian burrito that only gets better the second day. Wrap and go, and then microwave at work for a hot, cheesy roll-up that doesn't require a giant stack of paper napkins at your desk. More

A Sandwich a Day: Shahi Paneer Wrap at Tastee Curritos

New York Paul Yee Post a comment

It's hard to stand out amongst the Indian and Middle Eastern restaurants that crowd Greenwich Village; Tastee Curritos distinguishes itself by inventing the "Currito," a clever portmanteau of "Curry" and "Burrito." More

Chicago Tacos: Del Toro

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 1 comment

Del Toro is the kind of place one likes to get comfortable and stay for awhile, even if the burrito happens to be the best thing on the menu. More

Mexican Fast Food: 30 Tacos and Burritos Actually Worth Eating

The Serious Eats Team 17 comments

See which menu items from familiar Mexican, or Mexican-leaning, chains—including Taco Bell, Rubio's, Qdoba, Baja Fresh, Chipotle, Wahoo's, Del Taco, Green Burrito, and El Pollo Loco—are actually worth ordering. More

Which Chain Makes the Best Veggie Burrito?

Taste Tests Farley Elliott 18 comments

Let's look past the bean & cheese. Obama may not have mentioned this in his DNC speech, but as a nation it is imperative that we move past the bean & cheese as the only available option for vegetarians at our taco chains. The B&C has its place, of course, but we were looking for more than just sloppy pinto beans and greasy cheese in this tasting. Taco Bell, Del Taco, Chipotle, Baja Fresh, Rubios and Wahoos battle it out for the title of best vegetarian burrito. More

We Try Del Taco's New Summer Menu

Erin Jackson 1 comment

Carnitas are back at Del Taco for a limited time. You can get your shredded pork in nachos, taco, or burrito form, including the new Primo Carnitas Burrito. We tried the four carnitas variants, plus a new breakfast burrito. More

Fast Food: Dunkin' Donuts Southwest Breakfast Burritos

Will Gordon 6 comments

Good morning, Serious Eaters! Are you sick of tacos yet? I'm sick of tacos. I like eating them but I'm tired of having them shoved down my throat. I prefer burritos, which is tough luck now that tacos have taken over the stuff-in-a-tortilla market at lunch, dinner, and dessert; let's hurry up and talk about breakfast burritos before the taco thugs storm the morning, too. More

Mexican Eats: Downtown Bakery

New York Scarlett Lindeman 2 comments

Downtown Bakery has been serving Mexican food in the East Village for almost twenty years. If you haven't eaten their burritos, swollen with refried black beans and crumbly orange rice, or indulged in the hangover obliterating powers of their huevos rancheros, then you've at least walked under the blue and white awning that shoots over the sidewalk. Downtown Bakery began as an Italian establishment, but over the years it's become a staple taqueria in the East Village. More

The Best Beers to Drink with Takeout

Drinks Michael Agnew 9 comments

"I don't feel like cooking tonight. Let's grab some take-out." Who hasn't said that at least once? No matter how much you like to cook, sometimes you just aren't feeling it. In those instances, a delivery pizza or a jog around the corner for Chinese is just the ticket. While you're out, pick up some beer. But what beer to choose? Here are some general pointers to help you find a good match for whatever dishes you're ordering. More

Los Angeles: At Yuca's Taco Stand in Los Feliz, Consider the Burrito Instead

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott 1 comment

It doesn't take long in any Los Angeles taco conversation to wind your way around to Yuca's, the deep-rooted Loz Feliz taco closet situated in a liquor store parking lot. Well, it's the size of a closet anyway, which must make it hard to store all the awards they receive. From the James Beard award (in the "America's Classics" category) to local March Madness-style taco brackets, Yuca's just wins, baby. Though it might be wiser to order the burrito instead of the famous tacos. More

The Nasty Bits: ChicharrĂ³n Burrito

The Nasty Bits Chichi Wang 6 comments

This is deep-fried pork belly on top of a pile of puréed beans enriched with flecks of melted cheese, which can be rolled up into a tortilla so that, depending on when you eat the pork belly, it is either chewy and saturated with bean-y flavor, or still crispy and dry. More

ChicharrĂ³n Burrito

Serious Eats Chichi Wang 1 comment

This is deep-fried pork belly on top of a pile of puréed beans enriched with flecks of melted cheese, which can be rolled up into a tortilla so that, depending on when you eat the pork belly, it is either chewy and saturated with bean-y flavor, or still crispy and dry. More

We Tried Everything at Chipotle's New ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen in D.C.

Abbey Becker 23 comments

There's been a lot of buzz around town surrounding the opening of Chipotle's new Southeast Asia-inspired ShopHouse, despite the company's best efforts to keep it under wraps. While it's still unclear as to why CEO Steve Ells would open the first (and only planned) location here in D.C., residents seem to be pretty pleased about it. I put my math-minded friend in charge of ordering to make sure we got every ingredient in every category in at least one bowl and banh mi. More

Dinner Tonight: Breakfast Burrito with Chorizo, Potato, and Egg

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 18 comments

I'm not the biggest burrito fan. There, I said it. Oversized and out of balance, they're sort of the antithesis of what I usually love. But for some reason I still have a strange affection for the breakfast burrito, probably due to their hangover cure powers. So, what separates a burrito from a breakfast burrito? More

What Next Iron Chef Nate Appleman Has Been Doing at Chipotle

Meet and Eat Tina Vasquez 20 comments

Some of you became familiar with chef Nate Appleman during his intense stint on The Next Iron Chef. Appleman was known for his nose-to-tail style of cooking, not to mention being ultra competitive. Quite a bit has changed since then. He's now eating on vegetarian burrito from Chipotle every day (he's serious) and working the line at the chain's Manhattan test kitchen. "Chipotle is the first restaurant I've worked in since I started at 14 that doesn't have a freezer." More

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