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Hangover Helper: The Dee Snider From Grill 'Em All Burgers in Los Angeles

Drinks Farley Elliott 5 comments

The Dee Snider at Grill 'Em All Burgers features bacon, Sriracha, peanut butter, and jelly—some might call it the perfect hangover cure. More

Ask a Sommelier: Which Wines Go Best with Burgers?

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 6 comments

You have ketchup. Sauteed mushrooms and onions. A whole array of cheese options. Maybe you're even the kind of freak who likes lettuce on your burger (weirdo). But when it's burger night, do you have wine ready? We asked 10 top sommeliers from around the country for their burger-night picks. More

Midnight Snack: 3 Great Burgers in Manhattan's Yorkville

New York Zachary Feldman 4 comments

A mix of hospital workers, students, the well-to-do and remnants of the area's immigrant past, Yorkville is far more diverse than the howling hoots and hollers of its local meatheads would imply. There are Irish pubs, British pubs, German beer bars, hookah bars and Hungarian pastry shops-cum-restaurants. Despite all this, the Upper East Side is still fancy-pants burger territory—at least until a certain hour. After other restaurants have donned their wagyu nightcaps and snuffed their truffled candles, the funkier burgers around town let their hair down. More

Hangover Helper: In-N-Out To The Rescue

Drinks J. Kenji López-Alt 37 comments

This time I was presented with a conundrum: Most of my sleeping would take place on a plane, and without a fridge full of cheese and bacon-based products at my disposal upon rising, coming up with a proper Hangover Helper might prove to be a bit difficult. As usual, In-N-Out came to the rescue. More

A Sandwich a Day: Turkey Burger at Kin Shop

New York Kathy YL Chan 5 comments

At Kin Shop, the Turkey Burger ($13) is served only at lunch; the words "turkey burger" don't usually catch my eye on any menu, but this one stands out for a number of reasons. More

Best Wines for Grilling: Burgers

Drinks Sarah Chappell 11 comments

Summer time means grilling time, and there's a wine that goes well with just about anything you can put on a grill. Our first challenge: the burger. A grilled burger gains some extra flavor from the char and smoke of the grill. Add to that the multitude of topping options (cheese? onions? mushrooms? tomatoes?) and you've got a whole lotta flavor going on. But fear not, there are plenty of wines that can stand up to the behemoth you are going to create. More

Beer Pairings: What to Drink with Sliders

Drinks Michael Agnew 12 comments

A good burger will complement a wide variety of beers from pilsners to porters. But attention paid to ingredients and preparation can reveal the secrets to finding the perfect pairing. The toasty, browned crust on the beef and the sweet caramelized onions give these sliders a couple of flavor hooks to help you narrow down the selection of brews. More

Lunch for One: Hillstone's Veggie Burger

New York Kathy YL Chan 4 comments

When the New York Times recently put out an article on veggie burgers, I had to do a little cheer because they mentioned my favorite veggie burger in the city. It was a burger that I was too embarrassed to tell friends about—lest they judge me for two facts: I not only 1) love veggie burgers, but 2) my favorite comes from a nationwide chain. More

Chipotle Mayonnaise

Serious Eats Will Goldfarb 4 comments

[Photograph: Will Goldfarb] Every once in a while we need to break away from the three traditional burger condiments of ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. When that time comes, you'll want to whip up something with extra zip and spice. Chipotle... More

What's Your Favorite Burger In New York?

New York The Serious Eats Team 63 comments

It's no secret we love burgers at Serious Eats—heck, we have a whole blog about them. And though we give you our opinions every day, we're not ones to go out and pick one favorite. But we'll let you vote for your favorite, right here. Cast your vote » More

(More) Ultimate(est) Perfect Sliders

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 13 comments

By first caramelizing onions in the skillet and removing them, you build up a patina of sticky, browned onion juice that fuses itself to the beef when you smash the patties into it. More

Cheese Sauce for Cheese Fries and Nachos

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 89 comments

Note: This cheese sauce is gooey and tangy. For a spicier version, substitute half the cheddar cheese with Pepper Jack and add 2-3 minced pickled jalapeños, or to taste. To reheat the sauce, microwave it on high heat, stopping and... More

Chili for Chili Burgers, Chili Dogs, or Chili Fries

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 16 comments

[Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] This chili ends up with a homogeneous, saucy texture perfect for topping burgers, hot dogs, or fries. Leftover chili can be stored in the fridge for up to 1 week. The chili is best with the... More

The Secret Ingredient (Chorizo): Chorizo Burgers with Manchego and Paprika Slaw

Serious Eats Kerry Saretsky 3 comments

A Mexican-Spanish inspired cheeseburger of beef and fresh chorizo, melted Manchego, and a smoked paprika slaw. Perfect for late summer grilling: unusual, but still comfort food. More

The Pastrami Burger Bomb

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 9 comments

For best results, grind your own beef. A straight chuck grind would work, but the Blue Label Blend is better.... More

In-N-Out's Double-Double, Animal Style

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 39 comments

[Photograph: Kenji Alt] Want more details? Here are the ins-n-outs. Follow Kenji on Facebook or Twitter.... More

Juicy Broiled Burgers

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 1 comment

Read about how to battle the bulge here » About the author: After graduating from MIT, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt spent many years as a chef, recipe developer, writer, and editor in Boston. He now lives in New York with his... More

Cook the Book: The Prez Obama Burger

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 16 comments

The year that Spike Mendelsohn opened Good Stuff Eatery in D.C. just happened to coincide with a pretty exciting presidential election. Spike decided to hold his own race to the White House pitting the Obama burger against the McCain burger. The Obama burger ended up beating out the McCain burger four to one. Politics aside, I'm pretty sure the toppings were the ultimate deciding factors in this burger race. More

Cook the Book: Farmhouse Bacon Cheeseburgers

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 6 comments

Spike Mendelsohn's Farmhouse Bacon Cheeseburgers from The Good Stuff Cookbook possess all of the elements of my holy grail burger— thin patty, squishy potato bun, American cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, pickle, red onion, and a secret sauce, oh, and bacon. Spike's concept throughout the book is to keep it simple. And I went into the kitchen with fingers crossed, hoping that not over-thinking it would lead better burgers. More

Savoy, At Lunch: The Best Burger in New York? No Cheese, Please

New York Ed Levine 18 comments

In the last ten years New York has become the burger capital of America, and therefore the world. Thanks to the laser-like focus on burgers by New York's large and hugely competitive chef and restaurateur community, no other city offers the breadth and depth of the burger offerings found in Gotham. But let us argue this point elsewhere. I only offer this bit of provocative burger punditry as a vehicle to extoll the virtues of a new discovery, the burger served only at lunch at Savoy—chef Peter Hoffman's about-to-be twenty year-old Soho restaurant. One that deserves a place in New York's burger pantheon. More

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