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Bring an Extra Helping of Strategy to China Buffet in Avondale

Chicago Joe Roy 18 comments

All the cornstarch-thick dishes spooned over rice I've eaten in Chicago have merely been a warm up to the yet untackled culinary bastion of my youth: the Chinese buffet. More

We Eat Everything at the Ramadan Buffet at Olive Tree in Anaheim

Joy Hui Lin 7 comments

Olive Tree in Anaheim's Little Arabia boasts more than 20 dishes at its annual Ramadan break-fast buffet, and we tried them all. More

Beat The All You Can Eat Chinese Food Buffet

Lia Bulaong 2 comments

Zach of the Midtown Lunch blog shares his slightly terrifying but also pretty hilarious Guide to Beating the All You Can Eat Chinese Food Buffet: I really love Chinese Buffets. And it is not just the fact that you get to stuff your face (something I enjoy doing very much). It’s also the no waiting (you start eating right after you sit down), the variety (it’s the spice of life!) and of course, the competition. That’s right… the competition. You vs. the Buffet. The price is really just a dare. A sign that says “All-U-Can-Eat for $14.50″, might as well just say “I dare you to eat more than $14.50 worth of food. Signed - The Buffet.”Basically, your goal... More

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