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Top This: Syracuse-Style Hot Wing Pizza à la Tomato Pie Pizza Joint

Slice Kelly Bone 9 comments

We already know that Slice'rs give Buffalo Chicken Pizza two thumbs up, thanks to our rigorous, highly scientific research. And the folks over at Sliver Lake's Tomato Pie Pizza Joint couldn't agree more...but some of their customers beg to differ. More

Poll: Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Way or No Way?

Slice Meredith Smith 39 comments

On the brink of Super Bowl Sunday, it's time to ask: Where do you stand on the topic of Buffalo Chicken pizza? Is it total crapola or the best American contribution to pizza since pepperoni? More

A Pizza My Mind: In Defense of Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Slice Max Falkowitz 35 comments

There's the fancy pizza we talk about on Slice—your DOP Neopolitan, your black truffle-Parmagiano Reggiano pies—and then there's "gourmet" pizza, slices piled high with everything from eggplant parm to shrimp scampi. These are easy to make fun of, and usually not very good, but there's one I'll defend against anybody: the buffalo chicken slice. More

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