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San Diego Cheap Eats: 10 Great Dishes Under $10

Erin Jackson 7 comments

San Diego can be an expensive city to live in (or visit), but with a little ingenuity, eating well on a tight budget is easy, whether you crave comfort food like killer mac and cheese, or international fare, like Thai curry or Vietnamese noodles. For the most part, the best bargains are found outside of the touristy areas, but even within these enclaves, you can eat well on a modest investment. Here are 10 of our top picks for a great meal, all under $10. More

Budget Wine Hall of Fame: 24 Great Bottles for $20 or Less

Maggie Hoffman 26 comments

Wondering how to find the best wine under $20? Here are our tips, plus 24 bottles that we love. More

The Best Wines Under $20 According to Wine Bloggers

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 7 comments

12 top wine bloggers share their advice for finding the best wine on a budget. More

The Best Budget Irish Whiskeys

Drinks Michael Dietsch 18 comments

A few good value brands of Irish whiskey: these bottles have character but won't set you back more than $25. More

The 6 Best Budget Ryes

Drinks Michael Dietsch 33 comments

Good rye should be spicy, somewhat fruity, and a little more rugged than bourbon. Here are my 6 top picks around $25 or less. More

Wallet-Friendly Wine: Schloss Schönborn 2007 Riesling Kabinett

Drinks Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

On my lunch break, or as the day quiets down, I find myself trolling the interwebs for wine to buy. My method of choice: sorting by vintage. I set my search on under $20 or so, and have it show me the oldest bottles first. Sometimes it turns up treasures, like this awesome 2007 riesling for $13.99. More

The 10 Best Budget Bourbons

Drinks Michael Dietsch 73 comments

We're lucky, as bourbon drinkers. The bourbon industry has the resources and capacity to make massive quantities of corn juice, and the expertise to do it well. This means that you can find plenty of good bourbon on a budget. Now, that's not to say every budget bourbon is good, heck no. Some of it is dreck. But look around, and you'll find the good stuff easily enough. More

Ask a Cicerone: What's the Best Affordable Beer?

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 30 comments

What delicious beers are underpriced? What's the best deal in beer? We asked 14 experts. More

How to Determine Your Home-Coffee Budget

Drinks Meister 27 comments

Even your quality- and caffeine-obsessed coffee columnist gets sticker shock sometimes at the cost of coffee. Today we break down the pennies per cup in a bag of whole beans, to justify that price tag's existence. More

Thanksgiving Menu at Casmir

New York Carey Jones Post a comment

First Course: BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP OR FRISEE SALAD With roqueforte, apples & toasted almonds -8- Main Course: ROASTED & STUFFED TURKEY With sweet potato puree & cranberry sauce -16- Dessert: HOME-MADE PUMPKIN PIE -6-... More

Serious Grape: A Wine Survival Guide for Fall

Deb Harkness 15 comments

Every other week, Deb Harkness of Good Wine Under $20 joins us to talk some Serious Grape. Here's the latest. Photograph from Zed.Cat on Flickr Is it just me or is everyone suffering from the early fall crazies? The Labor Day holiday is looming ahead of us. Kids need back-to-school supplies and rides to and from soccer, ballet, and piano lessons (circle as appropriate). Then there's your boss, who returned from vacation full of new plans for office efficiency and greater productivity. It's enough to make the lazy days of summer seem all but a distant memory. Here's my wine survival tip for late summer and early fall: buy a mixed case of wine now, because things will only get... More

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