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Cool Drinks, NY: Grapefruit Yakult from Coco Fresh Tea and Juice, Flushing

The Taiwanese bubble tea chain Coco Fresh Tea and Juice has finally arrived in Flushing, conveniently located by Main Street subway station. As its name suggests, the Grapefruit Yakult ($4.50) brings together grapefruit juice with a bottle of Yakult, a type of fermented-milk drink popular in Japan. The overall tangy flavor is balanced by a moderate amount of syrup, and the grapefruit pulp jazzes up the chewy texture of tapioca pearls in the drink. More

Best Boba Teahouses in Southern Cali

Scattered near Southern Cali college campuses like UCI and UCLA, Asian-style bubble teahouses stay open late, serving the student community. They go through boxes of extra-fat straws, wide enough to fit tapioca balls or "boba" as it's often called, about the size of marbles. Stab their fluorescent-colored straws into cellophane-wrapped plastic cups which is filled with traditional flavors (green or black milk tea) or fruitier options (lychee, honeydew, mango). Gummy and gelatinous, the tapioca boba bubbles sitting at the bottom of each cup symbolize a cultural staple for young Asians in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and all over California. For only about two bucks, the drink (hot or cold) is just as important as the scene—brightly-lit with comfy couches, usually... More

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