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Best Bites in the Asian Food Mecca of Richmond, British Columbia

Jay Friedman 3 comments

Spend a day in this Asian food mecca just outside of Vancouver and you can start with dim sum, end with night market fare, and feast proudly on fried chicken, ramen, bubble tea and more in between. More

Cool Drinks, NY: Black Sugar Milk Tea at T-Kettle

Drinks Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

One drink that sets T-Kettle apart from other neighborhood bubble tea shops is the Black Sugar Milk Tea. It's not the regular menu, but sometimes they have a sign up promoting the drink. Either way, ask for it at the register and they'll know exactly what you mean. More

Cool Drinks, NY: Grapefruit Yakult from Coco Fresh Tea and Juice, Flushing

Drinks Shell Tu Post a comment

The Taiwanese bubble tea chain Coco Fresh Tea and Juice has finally arrived in Flushing, conveniently located by Main Street subway station. As its name suggests, the Grapefruit Yakult ($4.50) brings together grapefruit juice with a bottle of Yakult, a type of fermented-milk drink popular in Japan. The overall tangy flavor is balanced by a moderate amount of syrup, and the grapefruit pulp jazzes up the chewy texture of tapioca pearls in the drink. More

Bubble Tea at T-Magic in Morningside Heights

Drinks Carrie Vasios Mullins 8 comments

This small tea shop in Morningside Heights has a long list of flavors and boba that are consistently soft and chewy. Ginger, oolong, and passion fruit green are all good choices. But my favorite tea might be taro, and not just because it's a pretty light purple color. More

Fast Food International: Saint's Alp Teahouse

New York Krista Garcia 3 comments

Editor's note: In "Fast Food International," Krista Garcia will take us around New York to the many international fast food chains that have landed in the five boroughs. She blogs at goodiesfirst.com. Country of origin: Hong Kong Locations worldwide: Around... More

Video: Grant Achatz's Bubble Tea Gin and Tonic

Chicago Erin Zimmer 8 comments

Alinea chef Grant Achatz wouldn't have any ole gin and tonic at his soon-to-open experimental cocktail bar Aviary. He'd do one up with Anchor's junipero gin, yellow chartreuse, and cucumber alginate encapsulation, a fancy name for those cucumber bubble tea balls—and there are 100 in this glass! Imagine making 200 of those drinks a night. That's 20,000 balls, people! More

Sugar Rush: Koryodang's Boba

New York Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

Living in Manhattan, you get accustomed to paying too much, for too little, very quickly. $4 iced coffees, $6 cups of gelato, $3.50 cupcakes... you get the idea. It was a shock when I first moved here from Hawai'i, but... More

Best Boba Teahouses in Southern Cali

Erin Zimmer 12 comments

Scattered near Southern Cali college campuses like UCI and UCLA, Asian-style bubble teahouses stay open late, serving the student community. They go through boxes of extra-fat straws, wide enough to fit tapioca balls or "boba" as it's often called, about the size of marbles. Stab their fluorescent-colored straws into cellophane-wrapped plastic cups which is filled with traditional flavors (green or black milk tea) or fruitier options (lychee, honeydew, mango). Gummy and gelatinous, the tapioca boba bubbles sitting at the bottom of each cup symbolize a cultural staple for young Asians in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and all over California. For only about two bucks, the drink (hot or cold) is just as important as the scene—brightly-lit with comfy couches, usually... More

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