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Rachel Allen's Brown Soda Bread

Kate Williams 3 comments

You can't have an Irish feast without at least one loaf of soda bread, and this one gets a hefty dose of whole wheat flour, a touch of butter, and some mixed seeds. This quick bread is a winner. More

Rachel Allen's Brown Soda Bread

Serious Eats Kate Williams Post a comment

For many years, I assumed that Irish soda bread always meant a slightly sweet, caraway and currant laced bread easily mistaken for a giant muffin. Frankly, I never liked this version of the quick bread, much preferring to eat "real bread" with my soup. It's a good thing I was mistaken about the scope of soda breads. Most of these loaves, like those featured in Rachel's Irish Family Food, are a much simpler (and more appealing) combination of flour, baking soda, and buttermilk. Rachel Allen's brown soda bread adds a bit more oomph with a hefty dose of whole wheat flour, a couple tablespoons of mixed seeds, and just a touch of butter. The resulting bread is an exemplary accompaniment to any number of soups, pickles, marmalades, or a generous swipe of butter. More

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