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Homebrewing: Robust Porter Brew-Along Day 8

Fermentation looks like it's finishing up and the airlock bubbles have slowed to almost nothing. As the yeast complete their job of processing the sugar, they clump together and settle to the bottom. Even though they're not really producing alcohol anymore, they are working to improve the flavor of the beer. More

Homebrewing: Robust Porter Brew-Along Day 4

On Day 4, there's still a thick krausen on the top of my Robust Porter, the airlock is bubbling away and the yeast are still chomping away on the sugar. I stick a fermometer (a fermentor-thermometer) to the side of each of my carboys and fermenting buckets. These allow me to keep an eye on the temperature of beer during fermentation. More

Homebrewing: Robust Porter Brew-Along Day 2

Here we are, the day after pitching the yeast into the wort for our Robust Porter. It may look like nothing is going on here, but that is far from true. In order to understand what's really going on in this picture, we're going to have to get into a bit of science, so hold on to your beer-geek hat. More

Homebrewing: Robust Porter Brew-Along Day 1

Robust Porter is what I like to call an "Americanized" version of the classic English Brown Porter style: the flavors are bolder, the alcohol content is a little higher and the hop character is more assertive. Today we'll brew it, and then we'll check up on it each day this week so you can get and idea of what you should expect when you brew it on your own. More

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