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Food52's Warm Custard Spoon Bread

In my family, we have a Christmas morning tradition of feasting on French toast casserole, bacon, and generous pours of maple syrup. Sometimes there are a few grapefruits tucked into plates, but it is mostly a sweet, decadent affair. After making LocalSavour's Warm Custard Spoon Bread from the new Food52 Cookbook, I may make a case for changing up the main course. This spoon bread won the "Best Holiday Breakfast" contest, and with very good reason--this bread is magic. Somehow, the process of whisking together a loose cornbread batter, pouring it into a hot pan, and topping it off with a generous pour of heavy cream yields a three layer masterpiece made of custard, cake, and cornbread. Surely there must be some baking science behind it, but I'm content to leave that to the experts. Magic spoon bread is just fine by me. More

Easy Kale Quiche

[Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] About the author: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt is the Chief Creative Officer of Serious Eats where he likes to explore the science of home cooking in his weekly column The Food Lab. You can follow him at... More

New Starbucks Chicken Sausage Breakfast Wrap

The press releases are pushing this one as a healthy, high-protein way to wash down your coffee, and I must say that 14 grams of protein, 10 grams of fat, and 300 calories sounds like one of the less-deadly ways to spend $3.25 on fast food. And that's also a pretty fair tariff for a meat wrap at a chain often derided for its inflated pricing. More

Snapshots from Israel: The Israeli Breakfast

Perhaps a cucumber-dill or fennel-and-orange salad seems an odd morning choice—such hearty fare! But in Israel, chopped salads and pickled veggies are standards on the breakfast table. Other items may include: tangy, fresh cheese (and many varieties of it), crusty bread, or yogurt made from delicious milk. The butter and citrus—grapefruit, oranges, lemons—also seems to taste better in Israel. More

McDonald's New Maple and Fruit Oatmeal

Earlier this week, McDonald's officially launched their oatmeal. The little tub the Maple and Fruit Oatmeal ($2.29) comes in says "Undeniably Delicious Oatmeal" under the Golden Arches logo—not the case. It's just so disturbingly sweet; McFlurry levels of sweet. I'd rather eat an Egg McMuffin any day of the week. And with a whoppin' 290 calories, which is pretty high considering there aren't even nuts involved, you might as well. More

Top 10 Favorite Breakfasts in Arkansas

I've spent most of the last year looking for the best breakfast in the state of Arkansas for the Arkansas Times. The fruits of my labor (the top breakfasts around the state plus a baker's dozen of pastry places) are in the current issue of the Times. But which of these were my favorites? Here's my personal Top 10. More

Road Trip: Breakfast at Stanley in New Orleans

Stanley was the first restaurant to serve fresh-made food after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005. Chef Scott Boswell, who'd been running the highly acclaimed, upscale Stella, had been planning the unveil of its causal counterpart Stanley (and the "Stanley Burger"). But when the storm left Stella in shambles and the dining market in disarray, it became his only option—and Stella's saving grace. More

Beer Bread Pecan Rolls

"Skip yeast in favor of a quick beer-and-baking-powder dough." [Photograph: Maggie Hoffman] Brunch at home needs to be easy. There's a reason that neighborhood cafés manage to sell a couple of sad poached eggs for $13 on Sundays: we're not... More

The Greek Non-Breakfast

Photograph from steve.wilde on Flickr I'm headed to Greece tomorrow, and was curious what I'd be eating for breakfast over the course of ten mornings. A little research proved that Greeks don't really do breakfast given the late lunching (between 3 and 4 p.m.) and dinnering (after 9 p.m.). Coffee sweetened with honey and a cigarette seems pretty standard, and if food has to be involved, then maybe a piece of pita or bowl of yogurt. This photographer went for DIY pita sandwiches, one with honey, and the other with ham and cheese, when on the Greek isle of Rhodes. Anything else I should look forward to? Related Greek Yogurt - Recommendations? [Talk] Greek Lamb and Olive Burgers with... More

English Breakfast in Maidenhead, England

Photograph by smoothdude on Flickr There is something beautiful about this English breakfast, photographed by Daniel Krieger in Maidenhead yesterday morning. I feel tubby just looking at it. While the spread of yolk-popping eggs, fried bread, sausage, beans, chips, and a tomato can seem like a mess of things—plus the toast squeezes in there, "wait for me!"—it looks so clean and methodic. Krieger says it's one of the better English breakfasts he's had, but get this. One of his favorites is at Chip Shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which he believes actually rivals this one. Related Man Gets English Breakfast Tattooed On Skull Snapshots from the UK: The English Foodstuff Lexicon In Defence of British Food... More

Blogwatch: Cheese-Grits Chile Rellenos

It's early as I write this. Strike one. My mind is fried from all the turkey coverage of the last two weeks. Strike two. But when I look at this "breakfast of champions" created by Rebecca of Ezra Pound Cake, I experience a moment of clarity. A singularity of purpose. And that purpose is to procure the ingredients for this cheese-grits chile relleno dish and knock one out of the park. I mean, look at that thing. Based on a recipe by Matt Lee and Ted Lee, it's all roasted poblano peppers (yum) filled with cheese grits (also yum), topped with roasted tomato gravy (oh, yeah). Plus, don't you love it when a food also serves as a serving... More

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