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Hangover Helper: The Sausage Breakfast Taco at Bar Amá in Los Angeles

There's a lot to love about the sausage breakfast taco ($6), that's for sure. This thing is curvy, a half moon of thick hand-patted tortilla, blistered and spotty in all the right places. Instead of trying to button itself up inside the weighty tortilla, this chunky concoction spills hefty yellow nuggets of softly scrambled egg all over the place. You can't stop the breakfast taco; you can't even contain it. More

Austin Taco All-Stars: Tacos La Flor

With an almost unquantifiable number of taco trucks and Mexican restaurants in this town, I hesitate to name any of them the "best in Austin," but the little blue trailer that is Tacos La Flor comes as any to winning that designation. More

Breakfast Tacos at Rosie’s Tamale House in Bee Cave, Texas

The thrill of eating tacos for breakfast is similar to that of eating waffles for dinner: slightly rebellious and definitely not to be allowed all the time, but a good way to change things up. At the roadside stand Rosie's Tamale House in Bee Cave, Texas (near Austin), floury tortillas wrap up cheesy eggs, bacon pieces and fluffy potato slices—that's the trademark breakfast taco order. More

Robert Rodriguez's 10-Minute Cooking School: Sin City Breakfast Tacos

The director Robert Rodriguez has a new movie out, Grindhouse, which I haven't gotten around to seeing yet, but I did love 2005's Sin City, his adaptation of the Frank Miller comic book. Turns out if you get the Sin City DVD, one of the special features on it is the second episode of Rodriguez's 10-Minute Cooking School, for his Sin City Breakfast Tacos: He makes his tortillas from scratch, and uses both lard and butter! I may have to fight his new girlfriend Rose McGowan for him.... More

The Breakfast Tacos of San Antonio

Denver Post sportswriter John Henderson visits San Antonio for work and develops a fascination for that city's great contribution to Tex-Mex cuisine, the humble breakfast taco: "I can't imagine trying to drive with cheddar and beans flowing down my wrist but in San Antonio, the traditions of neighboring Mexico clash with fast-paced modern American society. I often saw people driving through downtown in the morning with a taco nearing their mouth. It's messier than a cellphone but not nearly as annoying. "It doesn't take up too much of your time when you're rushing," Torres said. "You call, it's ready, you pick it up and go."... More

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