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Culinary Ambassadors: Breakfast in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

A 51¢ (10,000 VND) breakfast banh mi consists of grilled pork, fried egg, sautéed onions, cucumbers, pickled carrots & radish, and cilantro. A spread of pate with a squirt of sweet chili sauce and soy sauce season everything inside. Pork is grilled next to the cart and eggs are fried to order. The fresh ingredients are all assembled in a light crusty Vietnamese baguette right in front of your eyes. More

Culinary Ambassadors: Breakfast in Greece

Greeks tend to need a breakfast that will jumpstart their day. Serious coffee is in order. Opening your bleary eyes after a long night out to see a briki, the typical Greek bronze coffee maker, bubbling away on the stove is a glorious sight. Along with their small but potent coffees, Greeks like to have a small biscuit, a koulouraki or, even better, a foinikaki, a Phoenician biscuit made from honey, orange juice, and flour. More

Culinary Ambassadors: Breakfast in France

Traditional French breakfast fare includes a tartine — half a split, buttered baguette with your choice of conserves (jams) to dip in your very own bowl of café au lait or chocolat chaude (hot chocolate). Croissants are not an everyday item, but for those not counting calories, you'll see them at the table as well. Dipping is not only reserved for kids. Fully grown adults do it, too (it's not uncommon to see men in business suits dip the corner of a croissant into their coffee). Let's not forget the obligatory glass of juice (orange or multi-fruits seem to be preferred by most) and a quick expresso (espresso) to prepare an eater for the day. More

Culinary Ambassadors: Breakfast in Brazil, Strong Coffee and Pao Frances

A typical, middle- to upper-class breakfast in Brazil would likely consist of strong coffee, with or without milk, sweetened with sugar or sweetener (Brazilians love the liquid sweeteners); kids will drink chocolate milk (the Brazilian version of Nesquik, which is sweeter). Bread will most likely be a "pao frances," a small loaf of bread, eaten with butter or, most often, margarine. Fruit is plentiful in Brazil, but I would say that one of the most traditional breakfast fruits are papayas.... More

Breakfast in Jamaica: Ackee, Saltfish, Callaloo

The classic Jamaican breakfast tends to be savory and includes a wide variety of dishes, the most iconic of which is ackee and saltfish: Jamaica's national dish. Ackee is a fruit that, when cooked, has a flavor and consistency not unlike firm scrambled eggs; ackee and saltfish together is something akin to a Caribbean version of lox and eggs. More

A 'Typical' Breakfast in ... South Africa

Centuries of European rule have left their mark on the "typical" South African breakfast. It's a tea-and-coffee culture, so breakfast is often a cup of something hot (with lots of sugar added) served alongside something bready. That can be a piece of toast with jam or cheese, a rusk (a thick and tooth-breakingly hard cookie), buttered bread, or even a hot dog bun. More

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