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Tofu Bra

You may remember the infamous bacon bra. Well, now there's a vegetarian version (possibly NSFW), which appeared as a wonderfully sleazy bit of marketing at a tofu festival in Shenkeng, Taiwan. I predict a steep decline in the number of men who complain that tofu is "too bland." After the jump, tofu like you've never seen it before (again, possibly NSFW).... More

Bacon Bra

"Wait, men love bacon and boobs, why not combine the two? That's a million dollar idea right there!" —bkusler Still no confirmation if it's turkey or piggy bacon, but even the kosher chick might make an exception for a bra made of bacon (NSFW). Given the raw state, sunbathing seems like the ideal frying method. Victoria's Secret—nudge, nudge—you need to get on this, though it does seem pretty DIY-friendly. NSFW photographic evidence after the jump. [via Found Shit]... More

Best Sugar High from Lingerie Ever

Candy necklaces are so PG. Go for this saucy bra and G-string set instead, made of sweet Smarties-like beads. In 2006, talk show diva Kelly Ripa received one from Rege, and while catwalking across the stage in her new brasserie she yelled, “This could be the greatest gift I've ever got!” Not bad for $8.95. After the jump, Ripa models the candy bra. More

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