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Poll: Do You Buy Store Brands More Often Than Name Brands?

According to a new study from Consumer Reports, some inhouse store brands are just as good as or even better than name brand counterparts. Of course, many of the products by Great Value, Kirkland Signature, and other store brands come from the same big plants as those producing the name-branders. But sometimes there's that voice inside that insists you should buy Heinz over any seemingly identical wannabe. Do you usually opt for store brands over name brands? Take the poll! » More

A Day Portrayed in Brand Logos

Jane, an advertising account executive, documents a day of her life in brand logos in the form of her "Brand-Timeline Portrait" with some food-related bits here and there (although I assume the Whiskas is for her cat). My favorite part of her day is when the clock strikes 5:49: it's all about the beer and cigarettes. Would your daily brand-timeline portrait also include Jane's regulars of Quiznos, Pepsi, and Starbucks? [via neatorama]... More

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