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The Nasty Bits: Deep-Frying Brains

The Nasty Bits Chichi Wang 34 comments

We're talking pork brains here, though they could just as easily be lamb or calf brains. A brain is a brain, and while I admit there are slight differences in taste and softness, you're dealing with an organ that is primarily composed of fat—and tastes like it. When it comes to preparing brains, deep-frying them is about as classic as it gets. More

Deep-fried Brains

Serious Eats Chichi Wang Post a comment

Adapted from The Whole Beast by Fergus Henderson... More

Video: How to Make a Bleeding Zombie Brain

Robyn Lee 1 comment

Your Halloween party isn't complete unless it involves zombie brains. But since you probably can't get real zombie brains, try making this strawberry gelatin-based brain full of cherry-flavored "blood." More

The Nasty Bits: Welcome to Fleisher's Meats, Where Brains are Just a Bandsaw Away

The Nasty Bits Chichi Wang 13 comments

Two months ago I began an apprenticeship at Fleisher's Meat Shop in Kingston, New York, that started with a single premise: Could Joshua Applestone and his team of butchers teach me, your humble nasty bits columnist, to break down a pig in one week or less? It took me a week to learn how to butcher a pig, but what I couldn't have anticipated are the months I needed to recover from my time upstate. More

Scrambled Brains

Serious Eats Chichi Wang 2 comments

Learn more about preparing brains here.... More

Off the Beaten Path: Nepali Greens, Doughnuts, and Fried Goat Head from Shangri-La Kabab & BBQ Palace

New York Joe DiStefano 2 comments

Queens has so many ethnic eateries that it’s hard to keep track of new prospects. Sometimes I return to a restaurant only to find that it’s disappeared, as if I’d imagined the whole thing. Such was the case with... More

Is it Safe to Eat Pork Brains?

Raphael 3 comments

Slate lets us know it's safe to eat pork brains, but inhaling them would be a bad idea.... More

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