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Los Angeles Taco Madness Bracket

Even if it's too late to rescue your NCAA March Madness bracket, you can still vote in LATaco.com's Taco Madness bracket. "After sifting through hundreds of suggestions from readers, we've whittled our list down to 32 of the best tacos in LA, and seeded them into 4 regional brackets." Get your round two votes in before midnight on April 2. Who will be the Butler of the taco world, hmm? More

March Madness: Cake vs. Pie

What's more important than college basketball? The battle between cake and pie. In honor of March Madness, Jezebel is holding a Cake Vs. Pie Tournament with 32 contenders. In the first round, birthday cake won over fruitcake, and apple pie won over grasshopper. You can vote in the second round until 2:55 p.m. today, and the next round will take place on Monday. More

More Brackets: Tournament of Genius Features Col. Sanders vs. Gen. MacArthur

In this month of rivalries, we've seen burger brackets and meat match-ups, and now there's the Mental Floss Tournament of Genius. One of its pairings pits General Douglas MacArthur against Colonel Harland Sanders. When it comes to corporate fried chicken, food snobs invariably choose Popeye's over KFC, but there's no denying the Colonel's genius role in spreading breaded bird parts across the globe. Not only that but: As if cracking the code to delectable chicken didn’t make Sanders a genius, he also managed to become the most famous Colonel in history even though he never attained the rank during his military service. On top of that, he single-handedly made the white suit and string tie appropriate attire for successful... More

So Good's Meat Madness Brackets

March is the month for brackets. Jon Eick at So Good makes it food-related by pitting 32 meats against each other, with readers voting daily to advance their favorite animal protein to the final match: "We have 4 regions. The 'Red' Meat Region, the Poultry Region, the Pork Region and the Seafood Region." My money's on bacon (the No. 1 seed in Pork) to win the thing. Its other highly ranked rivals are steak, lobster, and chicken—all No. 1 seeds in their divisions—though I think chicken is ripe for an upset. Looks like there's still time to vote in the first round.Eick released the bracket yesterday. Voting begins tomorrow, so check back and support your favorite meat. Related: Washington,... More

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