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Equipment: The Best Mixing Bowls

The way I cook, mixing bowls are almost as essential as cutting boards, knives, and pots and pans. I simply couldn't do without them—preferably in a good assortment of sizes. For me, the ideal mixing bowl must be durable, stain- and odor-proof, lightweight, and able to withstand the stove or microwave. Which are the best? More

Video: How to Stop Cute Babies From Throwing Food Everywhere

Did every baby attend the same conference on how to propel cereal and get spaghetti everywhere except in their mouths? Babies are professional mess-makers, but a new product may prevent all that. Introducing the Baby Diner, a device that secures plates and bowls to surfaces so they don't get launched in every direction. Even if you don't have a baby or have any interest in this product, the promotional video is worth watching for the montage of chubby-cheeked munchkins getting food everywhere—especially the little girl covered in blue yogurt. More

Spilt Milk Cereal Bowl

The Spilt Milk bowl from Fred is designed to look like a splash of milk. Perfect for containing cereal and milk, although anything else might look weird. Available from Perpetual Kid in mid-April for $13.99. [via Gizmodo]... More

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