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5 Best Happy Hours in Nolita, NYC

Drinks Carey Jones 2 comments

5 great happy hours in Nolita that really are worth your money and drinkin' time. We tracked down 2-for-1 craft cocktails, free bar snacks, and a great café with cheap wine. More

A Sandwich A Day: Smoked Whitefish Melt on Rye

New York Hally Wolhandler Post a comment

Packed with a smoky, briney flavor that wasn't grossly creamy or fishy, this slightly sweet whitefish was a winner. More

25 Beef Sandwiches We Love in NYC

New York Hally Wolhandler 9 comments

Beef, that delicious master of forms. We love it cured into salty pink pastrami and layered on rye. We love it ground with Parmesan, shaped into meatballs, and lined up on a saucy sub. We love tender short ribs and grizzly burnt ends, stringy brisket and tangy corned beef. It's just so tasty in all its outfits; here are 25 to get you drooling. More

Staff Picks: New Sandwich Finds in NYC That Have Us Inspired

New York The Serious Eats Team 16 comments

We go through a lot of sandwiches in this city, from corner deli classics to highfalutin' double-digit price tag gourmet numbers. Some are good, some not so good, and some are great. And then there are the ones that make us remember just why we love sandwiches as much as we do—sandwiches that get us inspired. What recent sandwich finds are stuck in the crave centers of our brains? Take a look to find out. More

Midnight Snack: Frozen Treats in the East Village

New York Zachary Feldman Post a comment

"Ice cream weather" has found us whether we like it or not. Unless you're one of those poor souls with sensitive teeth, the proper reaction is one of childish glee. Should you find yourself in the East Village, the neighborhood has some great options to cool down and get your sweet fix. More

Meet the Pastrami-Topped Burger at Bowery Diner, NYC

A Hamburger Today Carey Jones 10 comments

Utah's pastrami-topped burgers have been discussed at length on A Hamburger Today, particularly those at the mini-chain Crown Burger. There, the pastrami is thinly sliced and piled high, looking like a tangle of lunchmeat atop a thin patty. But at Mathieu Palombino's Bowery Diner, the pastrami-topped Bowery Burger sports a thick slice of the stuff. More

First Look: Bowery Diner

New York Ben Fishner 7 comments

Motorino's Mathieu Palombino has a knack for genre-hopping, having left fine dining to open one of our favorite pizzerias in New York. So it didn't seem that unlikely when Palombino decided to open a diner on the Bowery. More

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