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20 Best Foods at the State Fair of Louisiana

This is it. The last stop in our quest to chronicle this year's top fair foods. We headed to Shreveport, Louisiana, for the 102nd State Fair of Louisiana. Until November 13th (note: the fair is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays), some 450,000 people will come out to enjoy the zoo, the circus, the midway and of course a whole lot of food. What's hot at the fair? The hot stuff. That is, the spicy regional items; from crawfish and crabmeat boudin to habanero peanut brittle. More

Road Trip: Boudin and Crawfish Kolaches in Louisiana

I'd never heard of a boudin kolache until my dad (cookbook author and food historian Robb Walsh) wrote about them for Houston Press's Eating Our Words blog, but they seemed like a perfect second course after Texas kolaches at Rao's. These things are a testament to fusion food in America. Boudin is a French word for "blood sausage," but in Louisiana it means rice dressing with pork and spices inside of a sausage casing. So here we have boudin, a French-Cajun hybrid, stuffed inside a Texan spin on an Eastern European pastry. More

Houston: Boudin Kolaches at Shipley Do-nuts

[Photograph: Robb Walsh] This is new to me on a couple different levels. First, I grew up eating sweet kolaches made by my Slovakian grandmother, and the concept of savory ones, as done in Texas—well, I'm still wrapping my head around that. Second, wow. Boudin kolache. That sounds kind of awesome. Glad to see that Robb Walsh, who brought this thing to light, is out and about and back on top of his game after his swine-flu-induced quarantine. Available at Shipley Do-nuts, 5200 North Main Street, Houston TX 77009 (map); 713-869-4636; shipleydonuts.ws... More

Searching for the Best Boudin in the Heart of Cajun Country

Ever since devouring the Southern Foodways Alliance's excellent oral history of Louisiana's Boudin Trail, I've been champing at the bit to get me some. So when my pal Pableaux Johnson invited me on a culinary tour that included a swing through boudin country, I was on board quicker than you boil a batch of crawfish. This spicy sausage is like so many regional specialties, rarely making appearances outside the area in which it's such a big deal. I don't get that because boudin is one of the most ridiculously delicious sausages around, a mix of pork parts, rice, and assertive seasonings. It's most often found at country stores, though our first taste of incredible boudin was in New Orleans... More

The Best Catfish, Bacon, Boudin, and Barbecue, All In One Place

This is what happens when you go to the Southern Foodways Alliance Conference in Oxford, Mississippi, from which I just returned. You hang out with a great bunch of people (some you know, some you don't) you listen to some smart, interesting people talk about Southern food and drink—about placing fried chicken and sausage and barbecue and collard greens in a broader cultural context. Some of the talks are hilarious (Roy Blount, Jr. reciting his food poems, which are pure poetic genius), others are less exciting, but just about all of them make you hungry. Hungry for what, you might ask? Hungry for all the subjects I would consider majoring in if I enrolled in the Southern Foodways degree-conferring program... More

Southern Foodways: Boudin

Southern Foodways appears on Fridays as part of our collaboration with the Southern Foodways Alliance, an organization based in Oxford, Mississippi, that "documents and celebrates the diverse food cultures of the American South." Dig in! Chances are, if you don’t happen to live in or around Louisiana you might never have heard of boudin. If you do know about it but don’t live anywhere near where it’s made, you likely got your first taste of boudin courtesy of Calvin Trillin through his essay, "The Missing Links: In Praise of the Cajun Foodstuff That Doesn’t Get Around." Since boudin is so good, why is it such a secret? Trillin posits a possible answer, “I figure that about 80 percent of the... More

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