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Fiji Water Responds to 'Mother Jones' Story

A post on the Fiji Water Blog attempts to answer the issues brought up in a recent Mother Jone article: "The real irony here is that the reporter suggests that buying FIJI Water somehow legitimizes a military dictatorship, when in fact the jobs, revenues, and community projects supported by FIJI Water are strong contributors to growth in the well-being of the Fijian people." Oh, and there's a Mother Jones response to the response in the comments of the Fiji Water Blog post. [via attgig]... More

Fiji Water Exposé

From an interesting article on Mother Jones by journalist Anna Lenzer, who visited Fiji in an attempt to get the lowdown on Fiji Water outside of the typical press junkets the company normally brings reporters in on: "Shut up!" he snapped. He rifled through my bags, read my notebooks and emails. "I'd hate to see a young lady like you go into a jail full of men," he averred, smiling grimly. "You know what happened to women during the 2000 coup, don't you?"Eventually, it dawned on me that his concern wasn't just with my potentially seditious emails; he was worried that my reporting would taint the Fiji Water brand. [via The Awl]... More

Should Restaurants Charge for Filtered Water?

Almost a year ago, we told you about Millennium in San Francisco charging a buck per glass of water that's passed through a Natura filtration system. Well, they're still doing it, and as San Francisco Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer points out on his blog Between Meals, there's something psychologically disturbing about knowing that buck went to self-righteous water. Plus, there are plenty of other restaurants that seem to be pouring it for free. What's next, a rental fee for straws? It'd be nice if free tap was an option in addition to the filtered stuff. Or even if that dollar was stretched out across the bill so you didn't fixate on the "water" surcharge. But at the same time,... More

Boxed Water, Like Bottled Water But With Trees

Boxed Water is Better is a boxed water company/art project/philanthropic project that developed from the idea of "creating a new bottled water brand that is kinder to the environment and gives back a bit." The containers are composed 90 percent of trees, and 20 percent of profits are donated to water and forestation organizations. Boxed Water is available in select stores in Michigan. [via BuzzFeed]... More

In Videos: Mocking the Designer Water Trend

U.K.-based website Do the Green Thing gives its community members one green thing to do each month. August's "green thing" is asking for tap water. To illustrate the point, the site has produced this video (after the jump), which mocks the myriad designer bottled waters out there.... More

San Francisco Restaurant Charges for Water Filtration

Photograph from bfurnace on Flickr We are plagued by water hang-ups: bottled water obsessing, bottled water loathing, and recently, fees for filtered tap water. Eater SF reports that Millennium Restaurant in Nob Hill will soon charge guests a buck for water filtered through a nifty Natura carbon and UV filter. In case you're wondering where that dollar is going, Millennium Restaurant explains that it's for fancy filters, visits from water filter technicians, and the UV lightbulb maintenance. When you spend twenty bucks on beautiful restaurant scallops, only a fraction of that money actually goes to the food cost. There's labor, rent, and that classy plate on which your scallops lie. Not to mention last week's emergency dishwasher repair, the air... More

Tap that Glass

New York Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni wrote a blog post that nicely complements the Old Gray Lady's editorial yesterday on choosing tap over bottled water when dining out. Bruni, who knows a thing or two about eating out, has noticed a slight softening in the bottled-water hard sell but still finds that too often diners are asked "sparkling or flat?"—as if there's no option to order tap. But I think restaurants shouldn’t try to pressure diners into ordering bottled water by pretending another option doesn’t exist and by trying to make diners feel abashed about having to bring up that less expensive — indeed, free! — option themselves. I definitely think that’s part of restaurants’ strategy, though I trust,... More

Tap Water Is All the Rage

Alice Waters and her Chez Panisse family aren't the only ones ditching fancy bubbly and spring waters to join the pro-faucet movement. As we reported earlier this year, progressive Bay Area restaurants are risking serious cash flow to help cut the overproduction of plastic bottles and the destructive effects it has on municipal garbage operations. Despite many assumptions that tap water is grimy and laced with fatal chemicals, more and more city officials have reported that municipal water supplies are just as good (and safe) as the fancy bottled stuff, if not better. Sorry, Evian. Yesterday's Chicago Tribune had a great, well-researched report by national correspondent Stevenson Swanson about the issue, highlighting the work of West Coast mayors Gavin Newsom... More

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