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Boston Market Gets A Fast Casual Makeover

As part of its 25th anniversary campaign, Boston Market is giving its restaurants something of a makeover. 370 of their nearly 500 locations will be revamped by the end of 2010; they'll have employees escorting customers to their tables, as well as bussing the tables after they're finished. Perhaps most interestingly, Boston Market is introducing real plates and silverware for dine-in guests—bringing the experience away from the traditional tray-to-table fast-food model. And with that transformation comes a few changes in the menu. More

Boston Market's New $3.99 Sliders: Are They Any Good?

The term "slider" has evolved (some would say wrongly) quite a bit from those sorts of tiny, onion-topped burgers. Any kind of mini sandwich now seems to be called a slider, and they're popping up on fast-food menus across the country. You can find them at TGI Friday's, Applebee's, and in local joints. The latest entry: Boston Market, now offering "sliders," which are smaller cousins of the Boston Carver sandwich they've had for years. More

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