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Serious Reads: Blue Bottle's New Coffee Primer

The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee's 230 pages are as artful as you'd expect: full of coffee, kettle, espresso-spout and cookie porn, and a lot of those cute little line drawings used on the Blue Bottle menus and merchandise. Full of delicious recipes from Caitlin Freeman's end of the spectrum (she's a former owner of San Francisco's Miette), it's also the only coffee book I've ever seen with a disclaimer about the perils of raw eggs. More

Serious Reads: Watching What We Eat, by Kathleen Collins

In today's food- and foodie-obsessed culture, cooking shows have taken on an amazing cultural importance. From Ina Garten to Guy Fieri, from old-school Ming Tsai to the newest competition show on the Cooking Channel, everyone has their favorite program and style of culinary entertainment. Kathleen Collins explores the history of food television in her new book, Watching What We Eat: The Evolution of Television Cooking Shows. More

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