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Sweet Technique: How to Make Bonbons

For Valentine's Day this year, I won't be handing my money over to Hallmark or Hershey's or even Jacques Torres. Instead, I've invested in a gift for myself that will keep on giving to others for years to come: an acrylic bonbon mold and some high-quality, couverture dark chocolate. With these items, I can create chocolate bonbons custom-made to suit my sweetheart's tastes (or my own). More

Bake the Book: Tiffany & Co. Bonbon Cookies

With cookie dough dyed that perfect shade of pale aqua, these little bonbons have surprises of their own—centers filled with your choice of chocolate, coconut, or toasty chopped nuts. And like that white satin ribbon that comes with every Tiffany box, these bonbons are finished with a glossy blue icing and and an elegant shower of white sprinkles. While no one needs any particular special occasion to give or receive a gift from Tiffany, we think that these cookies would be ideal engagement party nibbles. More

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