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Dinner Tonight: Noodles with Flank Steak, Bok Choy, and Black Bean Sauce

Chinese black bean sauce has the power to make anything it touches taste meatier and more robust. More importantly, it does this almost instantly, without any long simmering required. This is especially welcome on a busy weeknight, because all I have to do is prep and cook some vegetables and meat, boil some noodles, mix in sauce, and serve. More

Shauna James Ahern's Chile-Lime Shrimp Stir-Fry

Stir-fries are an obvious choice when it comes to quick and approachable weeknight cooking. And with the availability of gluten-free tamari and other Asian sauces increasing on the market, it is super easy to sauté up an allergy-free meal that tastes better than wheat-filled takeout. After all, there is nothing inherently gluten-y when it comes to quickly pan-fried meat and veggies served over rice. Shauna James Ahern's Chile-Lime Shimp recipe in Gluten-Free Girl Every Day is one of eight unique stir-fries in the book. Heavily laced with lime juice and spicy from the ginger and chiles, this shrimp dish is far from chewy and bland. Add a handful of sweet and meaty chanterelle mushrooms and a bunch of bok choy, and you'll have an easy (and pretty healthy) meal in no time. More

Vegetarian: Braised Baby Bok Choy

This preparation of baby bok choy caramelizes it in hot oil, then braises it quickly in a flavorful liquid made of rice wine vinegar, dark soy sauce and brown sugar that reduces to a beautiful glaze. The stems of the bok choy remain deliciously crisp-tender, while the leaves wilt softly, and the smooth, sweet-and-savory soy reduction pulls everything together. More

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