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BLT French Toast

I love savory French toast. And when you combine salty, fried, eggy bread with bacon, tomatoes, and fresh, crunchy shredded romaine, you get a brunch that will set you straight no matter what you got yourself into the night before. More

A Sandwich a Day: Swinery BLT at The Swinery in Seattle, WA

What makes this BLT special is what's slathered on the lightly toasted Macrina Bakery brioche bun: chicken liver paté mayonnaise. The Swinery makes its own mayo, folding in a generous amount of housemade paté at the end of the process. The spread has a rich, mineral-like, earthy (and yet sweet) flavor, combining with the pork belly in elevating the sandwich from comfort food to something more elegant, sophisticated, and delicious. More

A Sandwich a Day: BLT at The Old Oak Tap

What is the Old Oak Tap doing serving a BLT in November? This version gets around that problem by subbing in fried green tomatoes. Coated in cornmeal, the thick slice is slightly crunchy and acidic. Along with extra crunchy strips of maplewood smoked bacon (the B ) and arugula (the L), the sandwich also adds a smear of pimento cheese. More

A Sandwich a Day: BLT at TasteBuds

There's so much pleasure in a BLT. This simple combination of ingredients is such a good menu standby, and a useful barometer of the overall quality of a sandwich shop. The rendition (6.95) at newly-opened TasteBuds lies within sight of top-notch. More

A Sandwich a Day: BLT at Austrian Bakery

There's no better classic to return to than the BLT offered at Austrian Bakery, where their double-decker ironically boasts American-sized proportions. The expected lettuce and tomato join copious amounts of mayo coating three slices of hearty white bread with crispy and chewy bacon in amounts you might be embarrassed to indulge in at home. More

6 Twists on the BLT

The BLT is a classic sandwich we all know and love, but there's plenty of room between those two slices of bread to take it to another level. Or maybe it's not bread at all—ever tried a BLT on a waffle instead? How do you like your BLT? More

A Sandwich a Day: Lobster BLT from B&G Oysters in Boston

If you're gonna mess with two perfect concepts—lobster rolls and BLTs—this is the way to do it. Barbara Lynch's B.L.T. with Lobster ($28), a charter-menu classic at her chic South End raw bar, is one of those rare dishes that actually makes the concept of "fusion" seem appealing. Shucked lobster meat (cooked until perfect firm-tender doneness, of course) is heaped between slices of crusty ciabatta, along with crisp bacon, ripe red tomato slices, torn romaine, and a healthy slather of lemon juice-spiked Hellmann's. More

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