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The Nasty Bits: Blood

I haven't written about blood in this column only because, like lungs from last week, it is so difficult to track down fresh poultry blood or find a restaurant that knows how to handle it. (Which is to say, to not handle it very much at all: There is nothing worse than overcooked blood; it becomes leathery and its delicate, intangible flavor dries up as well.) Prepared properly, congealed blood really is one of my favorite flavors. More

Cooking with Blood

Vice Magazine enlists a Swedish friend to cook with blood: Whenever I say, “Eeeeeeeeew” from seeing the big, bloody boogers they try to pass off as food in the supermarkets, my Swedish friend Kristoffer gets all defensive and starts talking about how blood contains tons of iron and vitamins and that students eat it with noodles because it’s so cheap and nutritious. To prove a point, I decided to force him to actually cook the stuff. Related The Nasty Bits: Cooking with Cow's Tongue The Nasty Bits: Lamb's Neck Stew... More

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