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Drunk Blondies

A paler version of your classic brownie, Drunk Blondies earned their name with a couple spoonfuls of bourbon and two cups of brown sugar. Mixing in toasted coconut, pecans and chocolate chips yields a recipe that does the Back in the Day Cookbook proud. More

Our Favorite Buffalo Wings in New York City

With the clock ticking down to the Super Bowl, we've got wings on the mind at Serious Eats. And while there are all sorts of great chicken wing specimens around the city, from Japanese-style to barbecue, this year we're focusing on the American classic: Buffalo-style wings. Deep-fried wings tossed in a mixture of hot sauce and butter are just what we're after. Where did we find the best? More

San Francisco: Pizza at Blondie's Doesn't Justify the Crowds

Blondie's Pizza embraces their flower power pedigree, choosing toppings that pizza purists might find distinctly psychedelic—and not always in the good trip sort of way. Though I'm no purist, I struggled with the toppings, and finding them layered on top of a disappointing crust left me slightly aghast at the droves of customers who choose Blondie's over other local slice shops. More

Cakespy: Blondie-Topped Brownies

Blondies or brownies? It's a delicious dilemma: they're both bar cookie classics, one rich in brown sugar, the other redolent of chocolate. But why should you have to decide? Because they taste so much better when baked together, in layers. More


The following recipe is from the August 12 edition of our weekly recipe newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your inbox, sign up here! I think that I might be the only person in the whole world who prefers blondies... More

Mixed Review: Brownies Made from Fat Witch Bakery's Snow Witch Mix

I hope my mother, who lovingly taught me how to bake dense, fudgy brownies from The Joy of Cooking when I was a little girl isn't reading this: while her version holds a special place in my heart, the Fat Witch's brownies are better. The Fat Witch Bakery is located in New York City's Chelsea Market, which is also home to Food Network headquarters. Two years ago, when I was freelancing at the Food Network, I couldn't stop myself from popping into the bakery every day on my lunch hour to savor a sample (or two, or three) from the plate so generously set out by the cash register. Thick, buttery, and moist, Fat Witch's brownies had the most intense... More

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