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5 More Great Cocktail Blogs You Should Read

Drinks Michael Dietsch 10 comments

A few new (or under-the-radar) cocktail blogs we recommend. More

5 Great Coffee Blogs

Drinks Meister 6 comments

Coffee lovers can't live on Serious Eats alone... Where else can you get a steaming cup of hot coffee news, interviews, and coffee-related art? Here are five of our favorite coffee blogs from around the web. More

Which Beer Blogs Do You Read?

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 12 comments

The Beer Bloggers Conference has a list of around 1200 different beer blogs currently being published in the US and more than 570 international ones, but when I recently asked my ale and lager-loving friends which beer blogs they read, most responded with only a few names...if any at all. Do you think beer writing is in a slump? Or are there beer blog gems we should all be reading? More

8 Great Cocktail Blogs You Should Read Now

Drinks Michael Dietsch 18 comments

I enjoy it when I see blogs by people who are drinking their way through their city's cocktail scene. I like watching people rediscover classic recipes, and turn up recipes and cocktail ideas that few people have seen before. More

Tom Mylan's Blog, 'The Meat Hook'

New York Carey Jones Post a comment

Butcher Tom Mylan has yet to open his "food dork megaplex" for Brooklyn meatheads, but he does have a blog— The Meat Hook, a collection of thoughts, pictures, and a recipe for 20 gallons of chili. "We like to serve... More

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