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Are the Rules of Big-Pot Blanching True?

Daniel Gritzer 44 comments

The rules of vegetable blanching say to use a big pot of water, salt, and then shock in ice water. Is any of this true? We tried a series of tests to find out which you should do and which you should forget. More

How to Blanch Fruits and Vegetables

How To Sue Veed 9 comments

"Think of it as foreplay for fruits and vegetables." While blanching may not be the technique with the most mystique—you bring the water to a boil, drop in the goods, then shock them in ice water to stop the cooking—the benefits of blanching are where the allure's at. Blanched foods heat quickly so they retain color and texture, are depleted of their excess water (seems backwards, right?), and cook evenly so they're less likely to scorch or wilt during sautéing, frying, or other preparations that might happen later. In addition, ones you might normally find bitter, like greens, or fibrous, like carrots, become noticeably less so after a quick jacuzzi. That's why many vegetables in the professional kitchen are first... More

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