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Scooped: Black Cardamom and Black Pepper Ice Cream

A friend who tasted an earlier batch of this ice cream compared its flavor (very happily) to cigarettes. Needless to say, the recipe has been adjusted. Post adjustments, it's sweet and smoky with a slight black pepper kick, and deep spice aroma—but if you're looking to make cigarette-flavored ice cream, simply double the amount of black cardamom. Delish. More

Spice Hunting: Black Cardamom

You probably know about cardamom. Queen of Spices. Savior of baked goods, Enlivener of curries. All that jazz. Don't get me wrong—I love the stuff. It's a pantry staple, and one of the most interesting spices I know. But recently I've been spirited away by its bold and brash cousin, black cardamom. More

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