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Beer-Braised Bison Chuck Roast

Pot roast may not be the most glamorous dish in the world, but goddam if it ain't one of the most delicious on a cold November night. Bison has a reputation for being lean (because it is), and without that excess fat to help keep things lubricated, getting tender and moist results requires a bit of care and attention. Braising is the perfect way to get it there, and beer and onions are good partners to take along for the journey. More

Video: Killing a Buffalo Humanely, Eating Bison Tartare After

My vegetarian girlfriend/camera operator refuses to watch this week's video, so I won't be insulted if you skip over it too. I'll be more impressed, though, if you watch. For those of you who can handle blood and like to see where your meat comes from—those who appreciated last week's slaughterhouse video on Food Curated—this one's for you. If you can call killing an animal "humane," this slaughtering is probably the most humane killing I've ever seen. More

Video: Bison Farming on Long Island

In the latest video from Food Curated, Liza de Guia meets Ed Tuccio, a farmer on the North Fork of Long Island who's been raising bison for over 30 years. He's part of a small movement of passionate farmers working to bring bison back. It's actually not a bad time to be a bison farmer. There's a growing demand for the meat and prices have doubled. After this taping, Liza polished off a bison burger and walked away thinking, why don't I eat this more often? More

My First Taste of Bison

I have discovered the perfect “something new” to grill this Labor Day. Last weekend I was at a wedding in Potosi, Missouri. The groom’s family raises shrimp in Nicaragua, and Maggie is the descendant of Midwestern cattle ranchers, who grew up on a farm full of buffalo. The groom’s father raised a glass at the rehearsal dinner to the well-matched pair, dubbing them “Surf and Turf.” And that’s exactly what we ate. Nicaraguan shrimp, and Maggie’s Missouri buffalo.... More

Americans Bought 31 Million Pounds of Bison Meat Last Year

Bison meat is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef, plus it tastes "more intense and not at all gamey," said chef John Ash in this Seattle Times piece on bison's comeback. Last year, Americans bought double the amount of bison meat they bought five years ago. For more information on eating this shaggy brown animal, visit bisoncentral.com. [via Girlhacker]... More

Fast Times: Bison, Kosher Vendos, Puck

The story on lonely, neglected farmers' markets has already piqued Ed's interest, but here's the rest of what the Gray Lady is digesting today. You say buffalo, I say bison: The icon of the American West is enjoying a resurgence among diners. Treehuggers and nutritionists rejoice. Keep on Puckin': Despite frozen food lines, Home Shopping Network huckstering, and other numerous ventures, Wolfgang Puck and his steakhouse, Cut, manage to impress Frank Bruni. Eaux de vie, loud and clear: An Oregon producer—Clear Creek Distillery—is turning out colorless fruit brandies that Eric Asimov describes as "an entire orchard of fruit ... packed into a single glass."Kosher coin-ops: Vending machines that dispense glatt kosher products. 0y v3y!Cold eggplant salad? Melissa Clark prepares this... More

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