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Birthday Cake Bread Pudding

This makes for a deliciously buttery, buttercream-studded variety of bread pudding, soft and sweet in the middle, and punctuated by sweet, crunchy bits of frosting on top, which reached a semi-caramelized state during the baking process. More

Bake the Book: Yellow Birthday Cake with Fluffy Chocolate Ganache Frosting

Any cake can be transformed into a birthday cake with a round of "Happy Birthday to You" and a box of colorful candles, but nothing says birthday quite like a layered and frosted yellow cake. This recipe for the birthday classic from Joanne Chang's Flour refines the original ever so slightly, making for a cake that looks the part but tastes truly memorable. More

Serious Entertaining: A Special Summer Birthday Cake

Summer birthdays need some extra love. People born in the June through August period are probably still traumatized by never being able to bring cupcakes into their middle school class, still scarred by all those poorly attended birthday parties when their parents would have to explain, "We're sorry Bobby, but all your friends are out of town. Here, take an extra turn at the pinata." So let's get one thing straight: only birthday cake is birthday cake! And this birthday cake is awesome. More

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