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Birreria, Eataly's Rooftop Beer Garden: So Recommendable, Once You're In

In the end, I felt about Birreria exactly the way I felt about Eataly, the Italian food mega-emporium, as a whole. Ambitious, successful, exciting; crowded, expensive. It may not be perfect, but it's extraordinarily impressive. It may be a jam-packed space, but it's a beautiful one. It may be pricy, but the quality is commendably high. Those are the tradeoffs to consider. More

NY: What to Drink at Eataly's Birreria

We've been waiting for the rooftop beergarden at Eataly to open for a long time. And it's up and running—though the beers they plan to brew on site aren't quite flowing yet (our server mentioned they'd had some trouble getting hot water hooked up, but that he expected beers brewed on the rooftop to show up within a week.) In the meantime, Dogfish Head is brewing Eataly's signature pale ale with thyme in Delaware and trucking it up to NYC, and they have an excellent brown ale on cask. More

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