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Photo of the Day: Bird Cooking Spaghetti

The bird is actually of Japanese origin according to Japanese Bird Cooking Spaghetti. For the record, there's nothing else on the site. Its sole purpose: to document a winged creature making your average fictional meal. Related In Videos: 'Cooking with Dog' Makes Low-Fat Gyudon Birds Stealing Ice Cream Cones In Videos: Anteater Drinking Wine... More

Cutting Board Meets Bird Feeder

Looking out for our feathered friends, this cutting board-bird feeder allows otherwise wasted crumbs to travel through holes, and then a tube, straight to a bird's very happy beak. Or he could just swoop in and take the whole loaf when you're not looking. Related: Birds Stealing Ice Cream Cones In Videos: Hammy the Hamster Goes Organic In Videos: Tortoise Tries to Eat a Tomato... More

Birds Stealing Ice Cream Cones

I love this photo gallery of birds stealing ice cream at a seaside esplanade. Look at that rascal above; you can practically see the greed in his eyes. And, at least for a moment, this poor woman is blissfully oblivious to the carnage going on. [via MetaFilter]... More

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