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Light and Frothy Raspberry Faluda

Faluda, like many Indian sweets, can be a heavy, super-sweet affair. There's a place for it, but not during the first days of spring. This version froths puréed raspberries with milk (though you could as easily use yogurt, half-and-half, or melted kulfi ice cream). You could sweeten it as much as you like, layer it with whipped cream, or spike it with ginger and cardamom. This lighter version just adds a garnish of candied ginger, which you could also dice up and add to the basil seed. More

Nam Manglak Spritzer

Nam manglak can be as simple as water, crushed ice, basil seed, and some sweetener. This is ever so slightly more gussied up: flavored with rose, lime, and honey, made effervescent by rosewater. It's an unbeatably refreshing combination for the hot sticky days to come. More

Spice Hunting: Chewy Drinks with Basil Seed

Sweet beverage drinkers can be divided into two camps: those like bubble tea and those who don't. Fans relish a sweet slurp mixed with mildly flavored chewy orbs; detractors regard the innocent pearls as nuclear caviar that should never cross human lips. If you're in the second camp, maybe we can still be friends, but I've got nothing for you this week. If, on the other hand, you like your beverages on the chewy side, basil seed is just for you. More

Gadgets: Sodastream

[Photo: Sodastreamusa.com] More Gadgetry Decorating Pen by Cuisipro » All Gadgets reviews » Growing up, I remember my dad drinking a six pack of Coke every day—sometimes more. When it became a health concern, we switched him to seltzer (all the bubbles, no high fructose corn syrup), and it's been the miracle diet that could. The only catch? Now the rest of my family drinks seltzer with him, and they go through more 12-packs a week than I'd care to count. It's a clear expense, and it would seem you could put bubbles in your water for a lot less than the shelf cost. Enter the Sodastream. For those of you who haven't heard of it yet, the Sodastream... More

Video: How a Slush Machine Works

File this under "Things I Never Wondered About Until I Randomly Came Across This Related Video on YouTube." Learn how a slush machine retains that even icy-bits-in-liquid composition at -3°C with the right percentage of sugar and horizontal and vertical mixers after the jump.... More

Serious Beer: English Porter

Though dark in color, English porters aren't very high in alcohol. They have a hint of coffee-like bitterness from black, chocolate, or smoked brown malted barley, but not as much big roasted flavor as most stouts. A good porter is creamy and drinkable—if you think you don't like dark beers, you should give porters a chance. More

Study: Nearly Half of Soda Fountains Contaminated with Bacteria

[Photograph: Zach Klein] According to the International Journal of Microbiology, biologists in Roanoke, Virginia, analyzed 30 different soda fountains (20 self-serve and 10 staff-dispensed) for microbial contaminants and found that nearly half of them contained coliform bacteria — with 11 percent containing E. coli and 17 percent C. meningosepticum. What's even scarier is that: Most of the identified bacteria showed resistance to one or more of the 11 antibiotics tested. These findings suggest that soda fountain machines may harbor persistent communities of potentially pathogenic microorganisms which may contribute to episodic gastric distress in the general population and could pose a more significant health risk to immunocompromised individuals. Yowza. I think I have even more reason to smuggle in a... More

Video: How To Make Eggnog

I love (non-alcoholic) eggnog, but I've never made it from scratch. An informal survey of the Serious Eats crew says that no one else in this office has made it at home either. What fools we are—this video from Howcast shows how easy it is. Watch the video after the jump.... More

20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer

[The Oatmeal] In The Oatmeal's latest comic, learn 20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer—how it's made, how it makes you drunk, famous quotes, and something involving a giant goat. Related Serious Beer 15(ish) Things Worth Knowing About Coffee The 5 Phases of Caffeine Intake... More

Jones Soda Debuts Tofurky and Gravy Flavor

[Image: MyJones] Because turkey isn't the only protein on people's Thanksgiving tables, this year Jones Soda is offering the vegetarian-friendly Tofurky and Gravy Soda as part of their limited edition gift pack ($11.99). The pack comes with three bottles of the special Tofurky soda along with three bottles of more palatable flavors (black cherry, pomegranate, and vanilla bean), and a Tofurky lunch box. For each case sold, Jones Soda will donate $1 to the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). [via BevNET] Related Dungeons and Dragons-Themed Jones Soda Video: How to Make Your Own Soda Video: Talking Soda Pop with John Nese of Galco's in Los Angeles... More

Video: How to Make Your Own Soda

I'll admit that my initial reason for watching this video was because it features a wacky-looking dude with a massive fake mustache, but it has the additional plus of being educational—if you're interested in learning how to make your own soda, at least. Combine yeast, water, sugar, and flavoring for your homebrewed soda. Watch the video after the jump.... More

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