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Serious Beer: Colorado IPA

Many consider Colorado to be the epicenter of the craft brewing scene. There are over a hundred craft breweries in the state, and it's the home of the Brewers Association and the Great American Beer Festival. So even though we could only get our hands on fifteen examples, we weren't surprised to taste some truly awesome IPAs from the Centennial State. Check out our reviews and let us know your favorites! More

Serious Beer: 9 IPAs from Washington State

We continue our IPA explorations in the state of Washington. If you have a chance to visit The Evergreen State, be sure to seek out IPA on tap—many of the great ones never see a bottle. Keep reading to see if any Washington beers get included in our new Serious Beer Best IPAs list. More

Serious Beer: American Porters

American breweries have put their own stamp on the style, experimenting with dark roasted (or even smoked) barley, helpings of piney hops, and extra ingredients such as coffee and chocolate. While some of these beers could still be good for a long drinking session, American porters are often stronger and more intensely flavored than their English cousins. More

Serious Beer: Now in Cans

This Super Bowl season, I'm rooting for the underdog: canned beer. No, I won't be arriving at a game day party with Bud Light or sixpacks of Miller. Truly tasty microbrews are now available in cans, and there are plenty of reasons to stock up. More

Chocolate Beer

The concept of chocolate beer isn't new, but Sapporo's latest product, Chocolate Brewery, sounds darn tasty. It's made with Royce chocolates, a Japanese confectioner that looks good, but I can't read a thing on the website. Fortunately, I can read what's posted on japansugoi.com, which says the beer is only available from Sapporo until the 23rd of January. Boo on them. Luckily, there are lovely alternatives to Chocolate Brewery like Brooklyn Brewery's Black Chocolate Stout, which tastes like liquefied 70 percent cacao, carbonated into a heavenly treat. Another good brew is Sam Adams' Chocolate Bock, one of their extreme beers made with Scharffen Berger chocolate and has a rich body and smooth taste. Any other chocolate beers to note?... More

Flossmoor Station's Brews Chug on Out to Stores in Chicago

Sometimes when you get pretty much everything you want, the few things you can’t get take on a much bigger sense of importance than they deserve. This has generally been true regarding beer in Chicago. Home to great local breweries like Two Brothers, Goose Island, Three Floyd’s—and not to mention mega-stores like Sam’s and Binny’s replete with aisles and aisles filled with more craft brewed beers than there are stuffed animals at an FAO Schwarz—you’d think we’d be sated. But, no, we're not. For years, we longed for that Texas export Shiner Bock or the sweet lager of Brooklyn Brewery, and more recently the brews of Bell’s from Kalamazoo, Michigan, when they lost their distributorship. In these parts, securing a... More

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