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Where to Drink Beer Outdoors in Queens, NY

Drinks Jonathan Moxey 1 comment

Summer days may be waning, but there's still plenty of excellent weather ahead to embrace while you enjoy a few pints outdoors—in fact, this might be the perfect time to head to a beer garden. Here are our favorite spots to enjoy craft beer outdoors in Queens. More

Where to Drink Beer Outside in Manhattan

Drinks Jonathan Moxey Post a comment

Most outdoor drinking in Manhattan entails squeezing into however many two-person tables the bar or restaurant could squeeze into their sidewalk space. That's all fine and good, but the beauty of drinking beer outside is being able to stretch out and relax. It's a tall order in a borough where square footage comes at the highest premium, but it can be done. Trust us, we're professionals. More

Where to Drink Beer Outside in Brooklyn

Drinks Jonathan Moxey 10 comments

Summertime means you get to have your beer with a shot of vitamin D. There's no shortage of outdoor spots to drink in New York, especially in Brooklyn, but we wanted to nail down the top porches, patios, and yards for craft beer in each borough. Here are 7 solid bets for drinking good craft beer outside in Brooklyn. More

Where to Drink Beer Outside in Portland, OR

Drinks Adam Lindsley 9 comments

Portland's summers are legendary, if only because the locals make a mass exodus from their homes to soak up as much sun as possible before perpetual overcast returns. Here are 10 of our favorite spots to enjoy a beer outside when the weather is good. More

5 Great Beer Gardens in Washington, D.C.

Drinks Brian Oh 5 comments

Whether you're looking for the real deal with traditional German wheat beers and brats or just somewhere to enjoy the warmth of a summer evening with little concern for the nationality of your brew, there's no shortage of open-air venues in the Capital. Here are 5 of our favorite beer gardens in D.C. More

The Best Places to Drink Beer Outside in San Francisco and the East Bay

Drinks Mike Reis 2 comments

It's not that hard to find ample outdoor space or quality beer, but the two rarely meet. Here are 7 shining examples—the best places to drink good beer outdoors in San Francisco and the East Bay. More

Eat This Now: Massive Pretzels at the Standard Beer Garden

New York Carey Jones 3 comments

Ed Levine, meet giant pretzel. [Photograph: Robyn Lee] Nothing says Oktoberfest like a German guy running up to you with a giant pretzel. That's what happened when Ed stopped by the Standard Hotel, where Kurt Gutenbrunner (of Wallse) is... More

Raising the Bar: Ignoring the Church Bells at Zum Schneider

New York Tia Kim 5 comments

In her column "Raising the Bar," author of Bionic Bites Tia Kim will be checking out the grub at a different bar each week. Everyone loves breakfast for dinner, and so do I. Specifically, the Bavarian kind of breakfast: Weisswurst... More

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